Spring Season Views Of Fairyland Canyon ~ Bryce Canyon National Park

Spring Season Views Of Fairyland Canyon ~ Bryce Canyon National Park

People that visit Bryce Canyon National Park nearly always experience sensory overload when they view this majestic amphitheater canyon landscape for the first time. Bryce Canyon simply is like no other place on earth and the landscape is so far removed from the norm that viewing this picturesque sight is like stepping into a dream. The bright orange, white, red and yellow sandstone landscape is so vivid that it looks almost artificial upon first glance. Bryce Canyon has a way of making jaws drop in awe and inspiring excited exclamations that are followed by absolute captivation. It can be difficult to form words to describe this majestic place during the first visit, because the sensory overload is so great, that the mind has to adjust in a way that can be compared to an astronaut making an inaugural landing on another planet. Bryce Canyon is strange, weird, awesome, intriguing and everything else that is beyond compare all wrapped up into one unique experience! This is why the Bryce Canyon National Park is placed at the top of nearly every tourist’s lifetime destination list!

Bryce Canyon covers many square miles of ground and there are several sections that have unique geological features. The first access point to Bryce Canyon is Fairyland Point, which is located down a short access road just outside of the National Park entrance gates. Fairyland Canyon is part of Bryce Canyon National Park, but fees are not enforced for just going to the Fairyland Canyon Overlook. However, the Fairyland Canyon Hiking Trail and the Rim Trail both are National Park back country trails that do require purchasing park access passes and permits may be required.

The best way to become familiar with Bryce Canyon National Park on a first visit is to tour the scenic overlooks along the paved road that runs through the length of this park. After becoming familiar with the landscape, choosing a hiking trail to follow that peaks the interest is what most folks do. The hiking trails in Bryce Canyon range from easy to strenuously difficult. The park map brochure lists the hiking trails with difficulty levels, so it is easy for visitors to pick a trail that suits their comfort zone.

There are two trails that begin at the Fairyland Canyon Overlook and one is much more difficult than the other. The Fairyland Canyon Trail goes deep into the majestic hoodoo filled landscape and the trail ends at Sunset Point further south on the rim of the canyon. It is the steep ascent to the top of the canyon that makes this trail so difficult and there can be icy conditions well into spring. The Rim Trail is the easier trail and this one is like taking a walk in the park. The Rim Trail also goes to Sunset Point, but the distance is much shorter when hiking along the rim. Both of these trails are highly recommended for those who wish to experience more than what the scenic overlook offers.

For some, the scenic overlook at Fairyland Canyon is enough to keep the mind in a state of awe inspired chaos for several hours! The unearthly appearance of the landscape is so strange looking, that is easy to get the feeling of being in some kind of a fantasyland. The tall rock spire formations and hoodoos look animated, which creates the Fairyland effect. This canyon is so intricately eroded, that it appears to have been accomplished by design, which adds to the captivation of all who lay eyes on this majestic place!

Viewing Fairyland Canyon on a sunny summer day can be a blinding experience because this canyon glows brightly in the sunlight that cuts through the crystal clear skies at this high elevation. On an overcast day of drizzling rain in the spring season, much more detail can be seen and when the rock formations are wet, the colors become more vivid. I have photographed Fairyland Canyon during the dry season in September and during the unpredictable high elevation weather in the month of May. Both of these seasonal environmental conditions yield dramatic visual experiences when viewing this intriguing landscape. However, the gloomy overcast and wet weather does add a magical look to the Fairyland hoodoo effect that is truly awe inspiring!

Viewing Fairyland Canyon when the eroded sandstone landscape is wet on a day of light drizzling rain is a visual experience like no other! Bryce Canyon is in a high desert environment, so not much annual rainfall occurs at this high elevation. Since rainy days are few and far between in this place, it is best to enjoy them while you can, so just ignore the folks that say that it is crazy to stand in the rain!

The spring season is the best time of year to catch a day of light drizzling rain as the heavy clouds brush against the top of the mountains. Temperatures can drop dramatically without warning when spring season storms pass through, so it is best to pack some warm clothes along with rain gear for the excursion. I actually took on the Rim Trail from Fairyland Canyon to Sunset Point during my visit and the drizzling rain turned into a white out snow storm about halfway there. Hiking in foul weather in high elevations certainly is a challenge, so for most folks viewing Fairyland Canyon while the conditions are wet will be satisfying enough.

Fairyland Canyon sure is a pretty sight to see in the spring season, especially when the eroded sandstone canyon is wet and the colors are as bright as fresh paint. The remnants of winter season snow in the crevices of this eroded landscape add to the visual effect too. As can be seen in the photos, viewing the unique features of Bryce Canyon in the rain is not exactly a crazy idea! Those who do take the time to experience the Fairyland Canyon Overlook in light rain will certainly be captivated by the majestic bright color landscape that looks like the home of fairy tale characters!