Bryce Canyon City!

Bryce Canyon City!

Some of the most beautiful places on earth can be found in Bryce Country, Utah and this is why this region captivates travelers from around the globe.  Bryce Canyon City is located next to Bryce Canyon National Park, so this little town is the perfect starting point for adventures in this region!  Locally, Bryce Canyon City is the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park and Red Canyon in the Dixie National Forest.  Cedar Breaks, Brian Head, Duck Creek, Black Canyon, Kodachrome and Grand Staircase-Escalante are all within a 30 minute drive of Bryce Canyon City. Zion is nearby too, so Bryce Canyon City truly is a gateway to endless outdoor adventures!

Bryce Canyon City does play an integral part in Bryce Canyon National Park tourism and this neighboring destination is the primary focus of the local businesses. Bryce Country does get crowded during the summer season, because some of the most popular scenic destinations in the world are located in this region.  Even with the summer vacation crowd being such a high volume, there never seems to be long waiting lines and accommodations are fairly easy to find, because there are several gateway communities in this area and there are plenty of campgrounds too. Old fashioned traditional Route 66 era motels, guest lodges and campgrounds are easy to find near the primary Utah tourism attractions, while the vast Dixie National Forest offers several more camping options that range from primitive to modern. 

As far as National Park gateway towns are concerned, Bryce Canyon City pretty much serves the same purpose as the town of Tusayan does at the Grand Canyon.  The Bryce Canyon National Park Shuttle Service is easy to access in town and this system relieves traffic congestion within the park.  Hiking trails leading to Bryce Canyon from town are well marked, so backpackers will not have to depend on mapping systems.  For those who relish the thought of alternative environmentally green transportation methods, the Bryce Canyon back country horseback excursions await those who do not mind working up a few healthy saddle sores.  There are also ATV and Jeep rental options for those who want to venture deep into the Dixie National Forest or Grand Staircase-Escalante, which surround this National Park.

Being the gateway to the National Park, Bryce Canyon City sure does roll out the welcome mat in a big way.  Accommodation options include casual motels, rustic lodges, classic western luxury hotels and there is even a campground that rents old fashioned native teepees that are large enough for a big family.  Most of the Bryce Canyon City accommodations are operated by one company that has origins in this region that date back long before Bryce Canyon became a National Park.  A rancher named Ruby settled in this area back in 1916 and he was so impressed by the natural beauty of the canyon that he wanted to open the tourism door, so all others could enjoy this place.  Ruby first built a lodge by Bryce Canyon Rim, then set up a major hotel resort on his ranch property, which is now Bryce Canyon City.  Ruby’s tradition of welcoming Bryce Canyon guests lives on in this modern age and the focus is still placed on friendly old fashioned western hospitality. 

Bryce Canyon City offers some old fashioned wild west family entertainment too.  There is a dinner theatre in town called Ebenezer’s Barn & Grill that offers stage shows and a cowboy music venue.  The local Bryce Canyon Rodeo holds regularly scheduled events that are a real treat to see!  There is even an old west style main street area that offers unique shopping and cozy outdoor dining.  Everything from cowboy steakhouses to a ranch hand style buffet can be found in this gateway town.  Bryce Canyon City is also a good place to try local favorite food, brews and wine too.  One must simply indulge in a big Chicken Ranch Pizza and a brew from Moab if a craving to try the local favorites strikes after a long day on the trail!

Just like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park is on nearly everybody’s lifetime travel wish list, yet overcrowding rarely is a problem in Bryce Country, because there are so many other popular destinations nearby. Old fashioned western pioneer hospitality awaits in Bryce Canyon City just like it always has and his town also makes no pretense about being crowned the number one gateway to Bryce Canyon adventures, which it always has been. When considering that Bryce Canyon City started as a cattle ranch, there is no better place to experience old west hospitality when touring Bryce Country!