Downtown Summerlin ~ Las Vegas 2015

Downtown Summerlin ~ Las Vegas 2015

Open air outdoor malls have sprung up all over the Las Vegas Valley in recent years.  Some folks say outdoor malls in Las Vegas are a crazy idea, because of the summer season triple digit temperatures.  Obviously when the weather is hot, fewer people frequent the outdoor malls and this is music to the ears for shoppers that prefer some elbow room and no waiting lines.

Fortunately, the peak summertime heat wave usually only runs from June till September in Las Vegas. This town certainly has plenty of mild weather from October till May, which also happens to be the prime tourism season.  The average winter temperatures are in the 70ºF range and it rarely rains here in the desert, so the future of Las Vegas mall shopping just might actually lie in the great outdoors.

Downtown Summerlin was the latest and greatest open air outdoor mall built in the Las Vegas Valley back in 2015.  The Howard Hughes Corporation developed Downtown Summerlin in an effort to suit the needs of the growing local population. Summerlin is known to be a luxurious neighborhood and there are a few premier casino resorts nearby. As can be ascertained, the Downtown Summerlin outdoor mall was designed to attract a middle to high end clientele base.

Most open air outdoor mall design themes have an old fashioned downtown gas lamp district type of architectural design.  For example, the streets are paved with brick, there are fountains, bridges, lush greenery, wrought iron and gas lamps throughout the common grounds.  Downtown Summerlin is a departure from the gas lamp and wrought iron style that has become so common. This new outdoor mall has a modern futuristic architectural design theme.  The look is one of chrome, steel, finished red limestone and glass.  There are plenty of airy lush green areas, fountains, modern sculptures and surreal hidden courtyards in the shade to explore.  

To say the least, Downtown Summerlin is an interesting modern outdoor mall shopping experience!  Any kind of shop or department store that a shopper would expect to find in a good indoor mall can be found in this trendy outdoor setting. The plaza covers a tremendous amount of square acreage, so be prepared to take a snack break along the way. There are gourmet snack shops, bakeries, casual cafés and trendy restaurants located throughout the entire premises, so there is a little something to suit anybody’s personal taste!

For those who seek a new and better mall experience during the holiday shopping season, Downtown Summerlin is the place to go!  Downtown Summerlin is located next to the Red Rock Casino, near the intersection of the I-215 Beltway and Charleston.  As far as this this outdoor mall is concerned, there is nothing better than enjoying fresh air and sunshine, while you shop till you drop!