Summertime Weekend Events On Mt Charleston!

Summertime Weekend Events On Mt Charleston!

There actually is a place to find relief from the extreme heat of summer near Las Vegas and all it takes is a 45 minute drive up to Mt Charleston to enjoy some cool refreshing comfort! Mt Charleston can be a very crowded place during the winter snow sports season and just like with most ski lodge communities, the summers are comparatively quiet. In order to increase business during the summer season tourism lull, the ski lodge resorts nearly always sponsor weekend events that offer a good value for the dollar spent. Everything from chili cook-offs and wine tastings to concerts and star gazing outings are scheduled on the weekends up on the mountain during the summer season and these local events are well worth checking out!

The Resort On Mount Charleston sponsors many weekend events each summer, so it is good to occasionally take a look at their advertisements in the daily Las Vegas newspapers. One such event that caught my eye was back when this resort was doing a Sunday Summer Concert series that featured music from diverse cultures around the globe. Along with the music, there was a BBQ buffet along with wine, craft beer and craft whisky tastings, so this was a festive Sunday event. On the day that I attended a Resort On Mt Charleston Sunday Summer Concert event, a Hawaiian band was playing some cool mellow island music, which is as relaxing as can be.  Las Vegas is known as the 9th island of Hawaii, because so many Hawaiians live in this city, so real traditional Hawaiian music can be heard in these parts.  Hawaiian music is soothing and it most definitely is primo barbecue munching material, especially on a a lazy Sunday afternoon in the summertime!  

The old concert series at the Resort On Mt Charleston is a good example of the festive cultural events that can be found up on the mountain on weekends all summer long. Lazing on the grassy picnic area in the shade while enjoying a cool breeze is as easy going as it gets in the Southwest this time of year! There is plenty for outdoor adventurists to see and do on Mt Charleston too and one of my suggested hikes is the Cathedral Rock Trail. A friend and I did the hike to the top of the towering Cathedral Rock a few years back and the hike going up is one of the longest one mile treks that can be imagined, because this trail is so steep and the high elevation can cause shortness of breath. Once on top of the big rock, the town of Mt Charleston looks like a bunch of tiny miniature toy houses, so this hike definitely is not for those who have a fear of heights!             

Checking the local papers online is the sustainably green way to go when looking for something fun to do on the weekends at Mt Charleston during the summer season. There is always something happening way up on top where cool breezes await and the food at the weekend events is pretty good too. Most Las Vegas tourists do not even realize that Mt Charleston even exists, so expect to rub elbows with the locals while there. Mt Charleston certainly is a great escape from the heat of summer and the weekend events are like the icing on the cake!


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