The Royal Gorge Bridge!

The Royal Gorge Bridge!

The old historic Royal Gorge Bridge is the most popular attraction at the Royal Gorge Park in Cañon City, Colorado and there is a good reason why. The old historic Royal Gorge Bridge is only open for pedestrian traffic and leisurely stroll across this long bridge will provide breathtaking views of the majestic Royal Gorge. The bridge walk experience is like taking a leisurely stroll through a park, but there is one exciting thing about this bridge that makes the trek so special. The Royal Gorge Bridge is suspended over 950 feet above the Arkansas River way down below, so this truly indeed is an exciting casual stroll in a park to do!

The Royal Gorge Bridge entrance is located next to the visitors center, but there is another option for starting the bridge walk on the other side of the super deep gorge.  A tram line also runs across to the other side of the canyon, so visitors have a choice of how they get to the other side.  Early in the day, the waiting lines for the tram are short, so it may pay to do the tram ride first and walk back across the bridge later in the afternoon.  Another reason this strategy is a good choice is because this region of the Rocky Mountains can get some high winds close to noon, especially during spring and early summer.  If high winds arrive, the tram gets shut down, so doing the tram early in the day is the best guarantee for getting the most bang for the buck. 

The only limiting factor for doing the Royal Gorge Bridge walk has to do with acrophobia.  To be quite honest, if you have a fear of heights, then just avoid Royal Gorge altogether!  This ultra deep narrow gorge is very intimidating upon first glance and that ominous feeling does not fade away.  It is the fear factor that keeps people safe, so let your conscience be your guide and the overall experience will be a good one.

Walking on the old Royal Gorge Bridge is a thrill ride in its own right!  The views of Royal Gorge from the bridge vantage point are spectacular, so be sure to bring a good camera along.  This bridge walk is handicap accessible, so even those who have mobility challenges will have something to boast over when they get back home.  There is a lot of information provided onsite about the history and engineering of the bridge, so taking one’s own sweet time to learn a little something is part of the Royal Gorge Bridge walk experience.  There is also a marker on the bridge where a bungie cord jumping world record was set.  All it takes is one look over the rail to realize how much nerve that rubber band tethered daredevil must have had!

The Royal Gorge Entertainment Complex certainly is a thrill seeker’s dream come true and it is managed as a Cañon City Park.  There are zip lines, extreme bungie jumps and tethered sky diving is offered at Royal Gorge too.  There are also restaurants, gift shops and there is even a kiddie park, so the entire family can spend the whole day having fun in the sun.  Best of all, Royal Gorge is one of the most picturesque places on earth, so every view is a good one.  For those who seek a fun place to go for a long holiday weekend, Royal Gorge is at the top of the list!


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