The Erotic Heritage Museum ~ Las Vegas

The Erotic Heritage Museum ~ Las Vegas

Classic mainstream museums most often focus on cultural history, the arts and natural history.  Mainstream museums tend to attract people that expect to gain worldly knowledge in a tasteful environment, so these places are designed to appeal to people of all ages. Often a mainstream museum experience can be boring, because the overall mode solely targets the middle of the road. Maybe this is why so many people just end up feeding the pigeons outside a museum, instead of continuing on with the tour.

Fortunately there are many privately funded small museums that do not adhere to middle of the road principles and some are quite interesting to experience.  The lesser known small museums in the west tend to focus upon specialized topic matter and oddities that naturally lure visitors in. All along Route 66 there is one weird museum after another and these exhibitions of odd subject matter can be likened to very well thought out tourist traps that provide plenty of entertainment as well.  The lesser known weird museums attract people that have specialized interests and they do draw in tourists that simply want to have a fun time!  

There is a fine line between being a legitimate small museum and being a tourist trap.  Some are legit and some are a disappointment, yet visiting these weird places is part of the classic vacation travel venture. Stepping through the doors just for the sake of saying that you have been there is part of the game! Taking a few snapshots will certainly earn bragging rights back home, especially if the strange museum ends up being the subject of a national TV show!

Las Vegas is the land of weird museums and a tour of Sin City would not be complete unless a few of the local oddity museums are experienced. Las Vegas has hosted everything from Elvis and Liberace museums to the Mob Museum and world’s largest interactive Cannabis Museum through the last few decades, so as far as doing a weird museum tour is concerned, Sin City sure does have plenty to offer!

One of the top specialized weird museums in Las Vegas can be found on Industrial Road, where many world famous gentlemen’s clubs are located in this town. The Erotic Heritage Museum is the place to look for just a couple blocks off the Las Vegas Strip and this actually is a legitimate museum that has become a famous tourist destination.  People from all around the world give this little museum a visit and the experience certainly leads to an opportunity to exude bragging rights with friends back in the home town!       

Erotic heritage is a topic that mainstream museums tend to not cover for obvious reasons, even though human sexuality has always played an important role in history.  This is not a museum that one will find in a bible belt city, but this kind of specialized museum is exactly what one would expect to see in good old Las Vegas, which has always been the capitol of sinful indulgence and vice!  The Erotic Heritage Museum could not have picked a better city for a location, because the skin game still plays a leading role in this city.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is not exactly a smut parlor that is frequented by dirty old men wearing yellow raincoats!  This museum tastefully exhibits erotic heritage topic matter with class!  It is an adult oriented museum that is well respected, so the experience is upstanding.  Artwork, memorabilia, graphic designs and antique of sexual nature from the past, present and future of erotica are on display in this little museum.  Basically every erotic aspect of humanity is represented, so for some this may be an educational place to visit as well.  

The Erotic Heritage Museum does have a loyal following, because the organizers are active in the local community.  The museum organization is active with abuse counseling and victim advocate counseling for the gay, lesbian and straight communities.  The museum offers professional counselor training in these fields for interested volunteers.  Film festivals, speaking events and instructional events are also organized by the Erotic Heritage Museum directors.         

The Erotic Heritage Museum is located at 3275 Industrial Road at the intersection of Fashion Show Drive.  This museum is next to the Deja Vu Gentleman’s Club, which is famous destination in its own right, especially for conventioneers.  Currently, visits to this museum are by reservation only, so it is best to visit the Erotic Heritage Museum website before making plans.  If you happen to be into touring odd little museums, the Erotic Heritage Museum is definitely a great choice for a tour while in Las Vegas. This destination actually is one of the only places in the world, where erotic heritage is respected like fine art!


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