Zion Country Western Resorts ~ Mount Carmel, Utah

Zion Country Western Resorts ~ Mount Carmel, Utah

The gateway towns on the southern side of Zion National Park are where the trendy restaurants, motel chains and tourist traps are located. As can be imagined, the tourism corridor that runs from St George to the National Park entrance gate in Springdale does get crowded during the spring and summer seasons. Those who made no room or campsite reservations in advance are usually left stranded, so it is easy to see why making travel plans well ahead of time is necessary when touring a busy place like Zion National Park. When the time is taken to research the accommodations in Zion Country, it will become evident that there is more to the lodging options in this region than what initially meets the eye.

Zion Country is not just a busy tourism corridor that runs through a majestic National Park. There is a lot of Mormon pioneer heritage in this region from back in the days when this was the wild west. Many farms and ranches appeared in the lush green valleys of this region as the west was settled and many of the family names in this area have been established here for well over a century. Old fashioned cowboy and cowgirl hospitality reigns in this area where strangers are greeted with a smile. Many of the old pioneer family ranchers got so used to meeting and greeting Zion tourists, that they started to offer an interesting venue of their own. The enterprises that folks in these parts are most famous for are the old fashioned western ranch resorts and family dude ranches!

Just beyond the Zion National Park north exit gate is where the Zion Country ranch resort area begins. This area is called Mount Carmel and the town of Mount Carmel Junction is located at the end of the road where SR 9 meets Highway 89. There literally is one old fashioned western lodge resort after another along this section of road and each family resort offers its own unique style. Some offer a luxurious western lodge resort experience, while others offer antique rustic log cabins. All of the resorts offer ranch hand style dining events that include chuck wagon cookouts on the trail and cowboy style campfire marshmallow roasts. The Zion Country resorts offer dude ranch activities for the children and old pioneer craft activities for the adults. Seasonal hunting and fishing are an option too. There is no end to the old trails in this region, so horseback rides and ATV safaris are part of the venue as well.

One of the ranch resorts in the Mount Carmel Zion Country region is a big free range bison farm, which is something that is not often seen anywhere else. Those who have dreamed of getting away from it all to go to a place where the buffalo roam will feel right at home in this place. The bison really are something unique to see when passing by, but it pays to not get too close because even when domesticated, these huge beasts are truly wild.

Zion Country in Mount Carmel offers an opportunity for a family oriented western ranch resort experience that cannot be found along the mainstream tourism corridor on the other side of the park. Reservations at the western ranches must be made well in advance and the bigger the party, the better the cowboy good times will be! For those who have always dreamed of stepping back into the days of the old west, the cowboy family ranch resorts in Zion Country are the place to go!


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