Spring Season Snow In High Elevations! ~ Dixie National Forest

Spring Season Snow In High Elevations! ~ Dixie National Forest

There is nothing like a surprise snow storm in May to remind Utah tourists that the weather conditions in the high elevations can change without warning.  For example, back when I worked in Bryce Country, the weather forecast for May Day was light rain early in the day, with steady rain in the late afternoon.  When I woke up on May Day morning, plenty of snow was coming down. Brief snow storms are not uncommon during the spring season in the high elevations and when the white stuff comes down it can create some good photo opportunities. This is especially true in a picturesque place like Red Canyon in the Dixie National Forest.  

There is an old saying that the locals quote when a tourist complains about unexpected foul weather in Bryce Country. “If You don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change!” is the word of the day after a surprise snow storm strikes, when it was t-shirt weather the day before! The elevation of Bryce Canyon ranges from 8,000 to 9,000 feet above sea level, so as can be imagined the spring season weather can sometimes be unpredictable in the region.  

Spring season snow usually melts on the warm roads, so going on a little scenic drive is possible. Catching the last round of winter always is a memorable moment, especially when the landscape happens to be in the majestic Bryce Country. The Dixie National Forest Red Canyon Recreation Area is located next to Bryce Canyon and this red sandstone outcrop area with towering hoodoos sure is a fantastic place to park and watch the snow come down! The snow draped multi color sandstone bluffs are as picturesque as can be and the surreal snow capped hoodoos look like ancient idols frozen in time. Being in Red Canyon during a brief spring season snow storm certainly is a foul weather experience that actually is worth looking forward to!


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