The Linq Promenade ~ Las Vegas 2014

The Linq Promenade ~ Las Vegas 2014

As everybody knows, Las Vegas continually modernizes old existing sites in this city and new attractions are built each year.  In 2014, an area on the Las Vegas Strip that used to be an alleyway street between the old Imperial Palace and the Flamingo was recently converted into a modern gas lamp entertainment and shopping district that is called The Linq. This new entertainment district gained instant critical acclaim, because this plaza offers a different kind of gas lamp shopping area experience.

Leading up to these changes, the Imperial Palace was rebranded as The Quad and after the addition of the new shopping district the name was changed once again to The Linq. The O’Shea’s Casino was redesigned to be an integral part of the Linq Promenade shopping center and the Flamingo redesigned their food court to accommodate mall shoppers. The Barbary Coast Casino became The Cromwell, which completed the neighborhood facelift. The High Roller Ferris Wheel was also completed during the Linq Promenade renovation process and the shopping plaza package was completed. Now there is yet one more shopping mall on The Strip that offers entertainment and the High Roller makes this one stand out from the rest.

The new Linq gas lamp entertainment district and the big Ferris Wheel create a retro 1900s World’s Fair atmosphere on the Las Vegas Strip.  This atmosphere is conducive for indulgence, as can be seen in the high number of bars and gourmet junk food restaurants in this premises. The retail shops also spell out indulgence, as can be seen in the trendsetting merchandise on the shelves.

Gourmet junk food has been en vogue since the peak of the Great Recession. The reason why is easy to understand, because when people are broke, the focus is placed on food. Food network television glorified indulgent junk food during those years, because junk food is easy for the mindless masses to identify. Many Las Vegas restaurants established new junk food trends back in those days, which became popular nationwide. Old traditional regional junk food classics were reborn as new during this period too. Junk food is what the mindless masses prefer when indulging and the Linq Promenade certainly offers plenty to choose from!

The Flamingo food court was remodeled to become integral with the Linq Promenade and of course, the new food court is like the classic junk food hall of fame with restaurant brand names from abroad.  Bonanno’s serves up New York City style pizza in an old fashioned cafeteria style setting and a slice of the pie here is a good way to get a night of indulgence started. The Margaritaville Casino is located next door in the Flamingo Resort, which offers more of a party atmosphere.

All up and down the Linq Promenade street shopping area are more choices for dining and drinking indulgence. In fact, there are just too many for a visitor to sample one item at each place, so there will be moments of deep thought when judging which will be the right junk food for the night. For those who relish the thought of trying regional classic hot dog specialties, the Haute Doggery at The Linq is a gourmet hot dog fan’s dream come true!  Haute Doggery offers a vast selection of classic hot dogs that include the Detroit Coney, Windy City, Tijuana Dog, the Jersey Ripper and The Empire State Dog!  Haute Doggery also markets their own hot dog creations that have stylish themes like The Billionaire Dog, El Machete, The Big Fat Greek and The Rising Sun! This gourmet hot dog stand has comfortable seating and there is a classic wall mounted countertop where hot fans can lean into it, while munching away.  The decor lends to a fun classic all American style hot dog stand atmosphere all the way!

The gas lamp world fair era atmosphere and the view of the High Roller Ferris Wheel do inspire cravings for something sweet. Sweet snack options are abundant at the Linq Promenade! A thick milkshake at Ghirardelli is always refreshing on a hot Las Vegas night, but the Sprinkles Gourmet Cupcake Shop is the real attention getter. Las Vegas is famous for gourmet cupcakes and there are actually organized bus tours that go to all of the cupcake shops in the valley. Gourmet cupcakes are temptation like no other, so just plan on giving in!

As can be surmised, the Linq Promenade is more of a dining, drinking and entertainment district, than it is a shopping mall. The most popular entertainment venue on site can be found at the Brooklyn Bowl, which is a nightclub concert hall. The Silent Disco is a novel new entertainment idea that is also showcased at the Linq Promenade. In 2014, the Silent Disco was a new dance phenomena that has become popular from coast to coast. The Silent Disco uses a closed circuit communication system and headphones to broadcast the music, so to an outsider everybody looks like they are dancing to no music. With no loud music, there are no complaints and everybody in a Silent Disco neighborhood is happy. The Silent Disco is an interesting concept that is worth checking out, especially if you happen to have dance fever!

Drinking and driving is never an option and mass transportation can be found at the Linq Promenade after a night of parting. The Las Vegas Monorail Station is conveniently located next to the Linq and High Roller, behind the Harrah’s Casino Resort. this modern transportation service offers the best way to avoid the traffic on the Las Vegas Strip.  

Was another shopping, dining and entertainment district needed on the Las Vegas Strip? Not really, but the Linq Promenade does offer a different venue than the rest. If you happen to be a teetotaler or if you are dietary health oriented, this new shopping district may not be the best choice. On the flip-side, if you happen to want to indulge till you can indulge no more with good old fashioned Las Vegas style, then the Linq Promenade is the perfect choice!


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