The Hualapai Ranch! ~ Grand Canyon West

The Hualapai Ranch! ~ Grand Canyon West

The Hualapai Ranch is where the old fashioned fun times can be found at Grand Canyon West!  The Hualapai Ranch is located next to the rim of the Grand Canyon near the welcome center and airport.  The ranch is accessible by both private passenger car and the Grand Canyon West shuttle bus system.  There also is plenty of room for tour buses and recreational vehicles to park and maneuver around as well.

The Hualapai Ranch is an entertaining wild west town replica that is complete with an old fashioned main street that features a trading post, dance hall, livery and stables. There is even an old west style jail house with an undertaker located right next door.  

All sorts of wild west entertainment can be found at the Hualapai Ranch that will please audiences of all ages. The staged outlaw gunfights and quickdraw specialists that haunt the streets are fascinating to watch.  Visitors are encouraged to take part in the good guy vs bad guy old west reenactment events, but depending on which side of the law a guest chooses can determine whether the afternoon is spent in the dance hall or the stockade! From the looks of the skeleton playing checkers in the jail cell, an outlaw might not get out of jail here anytime too soon!

Playing “Cowboys and Indians” is the name of the game at the Hualapai Ranch and since this is the home of the Hualapai Nation, the Native Americans always win!  Basically what this means is, if you do not side with the natives, then be prepared to lose the battle with the renegades and end up being carted to jail.  Having a home field advantage sure does have its benefits in these parts! 

There are plenty more activities at the ranch that appeal to both children and adults.  Tomahawk throwing and roping demonstrations are exciting to see. There are horseback rides or pony trail rides for the kids. There are also old west style wagon rides and sunset buckboard tours, so those who cannot straddle a horse can go along for a ride in the wide open spaces too.

The Hualapai Ranch Trading Post offers plenty of memorabilia, artwork, western clothes, cowboy hats, moccasins and unique Southwestern food items.  The authentic hand crafted Native American silver and turquoise jewelry can be found nowhere else but this region, so finding a one of a kind item to bring home is easy to do.  

In the old west town, there is a big old fashioned Dance Hall where the ranch cooks serve up some good old western style vittles.  The price of admission to the entire Grand Canyon West does include a choice of a meal at any of the dining destinations and the Dance Hall definitely is the most popular pick.

The Dance Hall kitchen serves big hearty portions of traditional ranch food, so be sure to work up a big appetite before stepping through the swinging doors! Prickly Pear Cactus BBQ Ribs were offered during my visit and they sure were finger licking good!  The seating capacity at the Dance Hall can handle large groups and the entertainment is free.  A cattle ranch hand was strumming guitar and singing traditional old west cowboy songs during my visit, which was quite nice.  There is nothing like western music to set the mood for dining in the evening next to the majestic Grand Canyon!

The Hualapai Ranch has plenty of cabin lodges that can be booked for overnight stays.  Booking a cabin in advance is the way to go, because this lodge can fill up quick if a few tour buses arrive. The old west style cabins are within walking distance of the Grand Canyon, so they are a good place to bed down for the night. 

There is plenty more to do athe the Hualapai Ranch during daylight hours and many activities require folks to rise and shine close to dawn.  Grand Canyon horseback trail rides and whitewater rafting trips are daytime activities that are offered at this place.  For those who are into a world of adventure, whitewater rafting on the mighty Colorado River is as exciting as it gets!

The previously published articles about Hualapai Grand Canyon West certainly will help viewers to become familiar with this destination. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is the featured attraction and there is plenty more to experience in this majestic place. Visiting the Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon West will certainly provide good memories that last a lifetime!


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