Saturday Car Show & Snatch Burger At The Hustler Club ~ Las Vegas 2013

Saturday Car Show & Snatch Burger At The Hustler Club ~ Las Vegas 2013

Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs are world famous for being prestigious entertainment options for high rollers. No expense is spared in the design and decor at most of the local clubs and some of these these destinations cost well over $25 Million to build. I actually helped do the construction punch out work in the final phase of a remodeling project at one famous club, which had just installed black alabaster stage dance floors with 24 karat gold stripper poles, so this goes to show just how high the level of quality is at these adult destinations. A dancer can earn $2k to $20k or more per night in these clubs, so the money does flow in a big way and the local gentlemen’s clubs certainly cater to the disposable big money crowd.

Because the gentlemen’s clubs are a part of the Las Vegas lifestyle, they cater to the local folk as well as visitors from abroad, but there is key difference between the two clientele bases. Las Vegas is Sin City and most of the local people are accustomed to the adult oriented nature of this city’s entertainment venue to the point of being numb to suggestive language and nudity. While an outsider may be very excited about the prospect of going to an adult cub to party down during a convention week, the locals tend to just look at these places as part of everyday life in Sin City where a few value oriented bargains can be found.

In order to draw the locals in, the adult clubs often offer dining specials and entertainment events that cost very little or are totally free of charge. Everything from food truck battles to stripper car washes for local charity fundraisers and classic car shows are sponsored by the big clubs. Learning to take advantage of the freebies is part of the local scene, so it is best to leave it at that and let the rest fall into the realm of imagination.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is one of the newest mega gentleman’s clubs in Las Vegas and it was built back in 2011 when the Great Recession was still in full swing. The Hustler Club is located at 6007 Dean Martin Drive, just south of Russell near Mandalay Bay.  The Hustler Club is a huge luxurious modern gentleman’s club that offers the entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for. Complimentary limo service is available for paying guests, which is a standard in this town.  There is plenty of dance floor space and comfortable seating.  Wild special events are held on the roof top each week, great football viewing parties go on during the season and the dining specials are some of the best in town. Lures like these keep both the locals and out of town visitors coming back for more.

Back in 2013, the Hustler Club started a unique weekly promotional event that few other local gentlemen’s clubs were capable of doing, because of outdoor space issues. The Hustler Club sponsored a weekly Saturday car show on site, which quickly became famous in the local scene, because so many desirable classic cars, hot rods, rat rods and exotic sports cars were entered in the event each week.

Showing off the fine ride has always been a hot rodder thing and the motive for earning bragging rights dramatically increases when women are part of the spectator crowd. When considering that the Hustler Club is a building full of good looking Las Vegas strippers, it is no wonder that so many guys brought their prized ride to this car show each week. As far as a formula for instant success is concerned, it simply does not get anymore lucrative than hosting a car show at a world class gentleman’s club in Las Vegas!

I attended one of the Hustler Club Saturday Car Shows back in 2013 and the experience was truly unique, as far as local car shows are concerned. The car show had a good turnout that day and a wide variety of locally owned hot cars and desert rat rods were on site.  The event was well organized and the car show entries had to be registered ahead of time. Drink specials were offered all day and the Hustler Club even had their own officially sanctioned Snatch Burger food truck on site that served up some pretty good eats. The dancers were hanging around at times, so between them and the awesome looking cars, there was plenty of eye candy and good laughs to go around!

Weekly events like the Hustler Club Saturday Car Show may not be heavily advertised and these kinds of promotional events may only be offered for a limited time. The Hustler Car Show did continue on for several years after 2013, but I have lost track of whether this event is still currently taking place. The point being is that the Las Vegas gentleman’s clubs do sponsor value oriented promotional events that are well worth checking out when looking for things to do on the weekend. Nowhere else but Las Vegas will you find a great car show that is free of charge and some mouthwatering Snatch Burgers at a world class adult gentlemen’s club on a Saturday afternoon!


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