Hualapai Grand Canyon West ~ Airport & Welcome Center

Hualapai Grand Canyon West ~ Airport & Welcome Center

The west end of the Grand Canyon region has been the home of the Hualapai Nation for a very long time.  The west Grand Canyon region is a sacred spiritual place that is respected with great reverence by both tribal members and outsiders.  The Hualapai Nation has successfully provided an opportunity for all visitors to experience some worthwhile cultural exchange while enjoying the scenic splendor of Grand Canyon West! 

Grand Canyon West certainly has turned into a major southwestern vacation destination in recent years.  The main point of interest at Grand Canyon West is the Skywalk at Eagle Point. The entire Eagle Point overlook area offers spectacular views of the Grand Canyon.  Eagle Point also has a Native American Village that includes an outdoor museum, trading post and a performing arts amphitheater. Restaurants can be found at Eagle Point too. Guano Point is another unique feature of Grand Canyon West and this scenic overlook has a more natural setting that is quite peaceful. The Hualapai Tribe even hosts an old west ghost town that has guest cabins, for those who want to spend some extra time exploring this majestic place. The Hualapai Ranch ghost town is where the main dining hall is located. Guests can even go on sunset horse and buggy rides to the rim of the Grand Canyon from the ranch!

When visiting Hualapai Grand Canyon West, the price of one all inclusive ticket covers everything except airport services and helicopter tours. By purchasing admission passes to Grand Canyon West at the regional satellite locations, like the Powerhouse Visitors Center in Kingman, a discount is usually applied.  The price of admission to Hualapai Grand Canyon West is well worth the wampum spent, because this venture is a great excursion that lasts all day long!  The ticket price also includes unlimited shuttle bus service to all sites at Grand Canyon West, so the car can be left behind in the airport welcome center parking lot, which is quite secure.  

The airport at Hualapai Grand Canyon West is the welcome center and this is where all tours begin. This is a very busy little airport that also is a tour bus depot. All tour buses and shuttle flights from cities in the region arrive and depart from this place. Shuttle flights and tour bus excursions can be booked in Las Vegas, Phoenix and even the Grand Canyon National Park, which is just east from here.  

The Hualapai Tribe also has a fleet of helicopters for those who really want to see the Grand Canyon in its entirety.  As can be seen in the photos, these Grand Canyon copters sure do stay busy! Touring the Grand Canyon in a helicopter will provide a great overview and the helicopter tours go to places in the Grand Canyon that are not accessible by any other means, which includes the Hualapai and Havasupai territories in the big canyon.

Grand Canyon West is a very big place and there is a lot to do, so focusing on the points of interest instead of just providing an overview is best. The services here are very well organized and the Hualapai cater to an international crowd, so visitors will certainly be at ease. All Hualapai Grand Canyon West ventures begin in the airport welcome center, so this is the best place to start. For those who have dreamed of touring the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, the Hualapai Grand Canyon West Airport is the best choice, because the ride literally starts right next to the big canyon rim! Hualapai Grand Canyon West is an adventure like no other, so definitely chalk this one up on the lifetime travel destination list!


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