The Pinoy Pride Celebration ~ Las Vegas 2015

The Pinoy Pride Celebration ~ Las Vegas 2015

The Pinoy Pride Celebration event is all about Filipino pride and the Philippine Islands way of life! The annual Las Vegas Pinoy Pride Celebration is a 3 day event that takes place in April. This Filipino festival is usually held at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center on 3rd Street and Carson Avenue. The outdoor Events Center location is next to the Fremont Street Entertainment District and several parking garages are nearby.  

Pinoy Pride is a wholesome family oriented event and there is a lot of support for this cultural festival because this city has a large Filipino population.  The Pinoy Pride Celebration offers plenty of good entertainment for people of all ages to experience.  Carnival rides and games for children create a festive atmosphere. Filipino cultural performances on the big band stage are featured during the entire 3 day event.  One band after another plays island style pop music on stage all day and after the sun sets, the party really gets going!  Many famous Filipino music stars are featured in solo performances and even children’s bands and teen musicians are in the mix, so even the entertainment is family friendly.

Where there is a festival, there are carnival workers. At Pinoy Pride the carnies are in full force selling their wares, which includes everything from T-Shirts to face painting. Plenty of traditional and modern Filipino cultural art can be found in the carnival tent market.  Even unique sideshows are in the house and The Snake Man and his friendly reptiles is a mainstay that the kids like.

The authentic island style Filipino street food is what lures most people into the Pinoy Pride Celebration and there is a good reason why. Filipino street food is tasty beyond belief and much of this cuisine involves old fashioned slow cooking.  There were several shops selling good old fashioned Filipino slow cooked entrées along with a wide variety of food on a stick, which is popular festival cuisine item. If you happen to be yearning for some stewed oxtail that is so tender that is literally melts in the mouth, Pinoy Pride is where to go!    

When I attended this event back in 2015, I was definitely there for the food, since I was in my fourth year of culinary management college. The “Nek Nek Mo!” Filipino street food shop offered some tasty looking skewer stick food.  Skewer style street food is great, because no utensils are needed and the fingers stay clean.  Every kind of traditional Filipino street food from Chitlin Skewers to Turon (Crispy Fried Bananas) could be found at Nek Nek Mo!  I tried the Batter Fried Quail Eggs, Chicken Feet, Fish Balls and BBQ Pork Skewers and this exotic island style combo tasted great!  For those who have never tried chicken feet before, they are basically just something good to nibble on while watching entertaining things going on.  Nibbling on chicken feet in public does have a way of entertaining inexperienced gourmand onlookers too!     

The annual Pinoy Pride Celebration was well worth attending and the carnival atmosphere is fun for visitors of all ages.  The combination of music and street food is what the downtown Las Vegas experience is all about and it simply does not get any better than when good Filipino slow cooking is involved!  

More information about the Filipino Festival and upcoming events can be found at the Pinoy Pride Celebration website.  This Las Vegas cultural event is well worth checking out when partying on Fremont Street!  


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