Downtown Las Vegas Murals!

Downtown Las Vegas Murals!

Visitors that stray a few blocks off of the beaten path in downtown Las Vegas will find themselves in a seemingly endless maze of astounding mural art.  Wandering a block or two away from Fremont Street presents an artist’s canvas of empty motels and old buildings that benefit from graphic designs.  Some of the downtown works of mural art convey a message while the building is awaiting demolition to make way for a future construction project.  Some of the downtown murals serve as temporary art that brightens the appearance of a plain looking side of a brick building.  Some murals on the aging apartment buildings are maintained as permanent fixtures, because they inspire those who pass by. In the eyes of the beholder, the downtown mural art tour defines Las Vegas as a canvas of perpetual change.  

While strolling through the maze of downtown graphic art, one never knows how long a mural will be there.  The building may disappear altogether or a mural with a new message may be painted over an old one overnight.  Since permanence is not really part of the mural motif, viewing these works of art is limited to the here and now.  The only way to preserve the memory is to photograph a downtown mural while it is still intact.  This presents an opportunity for Las Vegas visitors to idle the day away in a constructive manner, while waiting for the Fremont Street nightlife to begin.  Taking a casual stroll with camera in hand is the best way to keep the images on hand for those moments when pondering over downtown Las Vegas memories is clouded by the neon lights.  

By the time the downtown mural viewing tour is done, one realizes that they walked a few invigorating healthy miles.  Sorting through the photos while sitting at a café or a local cocktail lounge offers opportunities to regain some momentum.  Often one can gain some insight into the artists that composed the murals, just by rubbing elbows with the downtown locals.  Taking the time to admire and interpret the downtown Las Vegas murals is well worth the effort.  Even without a camera to preserve the images, the unique interpretive mural art certainly provides memories that will be reflected upon for lifetime.                          


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