Adios Sirens Of Treasure Island! ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

Adios Sirens Of Treasure Island! ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino opened their doors on the Las Vegas Strip back in 1993.  This casino was first promoted as a luxury resort.  Phil Ruffin purchased Treasure Island a few years ago and he loosened up the reigns a bit.  Treasure Island was rebranded as Ti and the new hotel concept took on a casual elegance theme.  Customer friendly restaurants and bars were opened and the new venue created the excitement that visitors expect while in Las Vegas.

Phil Ruffin previously owned the New Frontier Casino and Gilley’s was the marquis saloon in that old resort.  After the New Frontier closed, Gilley’s Saloon was missed by many dedicated customers. Shortly after taking over Treasure Island, Gilley’s reopened next to the Sirens of Ti lagoon.  Gilley’s is an old time wild west saloon that is famous for great western style food, ice cold beer, good country music, bikini bull riding and mud wrestling! Saloons like Gilley’s were the main reason that many folks traveled to Vegas many years ago.  Gilley’s is one of the last wild west saloons in the Las Vegas Valley.  Nearly every casino in this city has separated itself from the roots of Las Vegas, which just happened to be the old west, so this saloon is a last vestige of sorts. 

Señor Frog’s also is located in the Ti Casino Resort.  If you are looking for a fun Mexican Baja Beach Bar style party atmosphere, then Señor Frog’s is the place to go!  The atmosphere is like being at a spring break party destination in Mexico.  There are several bars and dining areas inside Señor Frog’s.  On my visit, a huge karaoke party with a DJ was going on in the main bar.  The crowd was wild, loud and fun!  The bar that I sat in at Señor Frog’s had one of the most interesting ceilings that I have ever seen!  The view was like being a frog under water looking up at people floating on inner tubes.  Swim suit bottoms, feet and inner tubes are the view when looking up at the ceiling in this bar!

Sadly enough, The Sirens of Ti show was permanently canceled in 2013.  I know this will make many readers sick to their stomach, but the show was cancelled because the space for the show was turned into a corner drug store.  Thousands of Sirens of Ti fans were really let down by this decision.  Many more folks complained that Vegas is just destined to look like any other city that has a drug store on every corner.  Canceling the show certainly has affected business on that corner of the Las Vegas Strip and that new drug store sits empty most of the time.

The Sirens of Ti was one of longest running shows in Las Vegas and the price of admission was free.  The award winning choreographer constantly improved the show and the dance routines were marvelous to see.  The battle between the sexy sirens and the marauding ship full of male pirates is what really thrilled the crowd each night!  Canons booming, explosions, fire and men jumping overboard was all part of the show.  It was like being at a Hollywood action movie set while the cameras were rolling! Those who have fond memories of the Sirens of Ti will be happy to know that I loaded a bunch of good photos into the slideshow for this article.

The Ti casino floor is easy to navigate and this old mid size resort is a little more cozy than the modern mega resorts.  There is plenty of entertainment in the bars, clubs and showrooms, which are now geared to lure a younger crowd. The lagoon and pirate ships are still there, but they sit idle.  The Ti Hotel & Casino is still a spectacular sight to see and experience in Las Vegas, but those who remember the greatest free show on The Strip will have mixed feelings for years to come.


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