The Jerome Grand Hotel & Asylum

The Jerome Grand Hotel & Asylum

Jerome Ghost Town has turned into quite a popular destination in recent years, especially when considering that this old historic copper mining camp was almost completely abandoned not too long ago. Weekend warriors and Arizona tourists all mix together in this place for a good reason. Jerome is a great place to party while experiencing what paranormal tourism is all about!

Yes, Jerome Ghost Town truly is haunted and this paranormal destination even has an old early 1900s hospital high on top of the hill and the creepy old haunted hospital is now a luxurious hotel in modern times. The haunted hotel that used to be an old “saw bones” hospital even has a restaurant called The Asylum . This entire scenario definitely has the making of a classic low budget horror movie, which to the delight of paranormal adventure tourists is like a dream come true!

The Jerome Grand Hotel definitely has a classic spooky look when gazing upon this building from a distance. The narrow road entryway and the old doctor’s homes located along the way to the front door add to the chilling effect. When finally arriving to get a closer look at the old haunted hospital that is now a hotel during daylight hours, a visitor becomes thankful that the sun has not yet set in the west, because this eerie place is even creepier after dark!

Jerome Ghost Town hosts all sorts of paranormal tours and ghostly adventures that are great entertainment for visitors of all ages. The Jerome Grand Hotel hosts many paranormal events of their own as well and dining at the Asylum is always an option for good spirits. For those who are interested in paranormal tourism ventures, there is no better place to begin than good old historic Jerome Ghost Town and for classic horror movie fans, the haunted hospital hotel on top of the hill is like the icing on the cake!


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