Adios Zombie Apocalypse Store! ~ Las Vegas 2017

Adios Zombie Apocalypse Store! ~ Las Vegas 2017

The first time that I saw the Zombie Apocalypse store was back in 2012 when I had a day off from my job in Death Valley. I was on my way to the Treasure Island Casino Resort when I saw the sign for the Zombie Apocalypse Store.  I was kind of groggy from working 10 days straight in the 125ºF+ Death Valley temperatures and I kind of kept on driving down the road while mesmerized.  All of a sudden the thought occurred to me that I actually just witnesses the unimaginable, so after dining on The Strip, I headed back to check out what this morbid sounding shop was all about!   

 When I first swung into the parking lot at the Zombie Apocalypse Store, all that I could think was “Awesome! This is my kind of weird store!” The outside of the facility was decked out like a bomb shelter with all sorts of armed defenses to ward off zombie attacks.  There were zombies mannequins all over the place and fortunately, most of them were chained down.  After opening the door and stepping inside, I was amazed at what I saw.  This place certainly was Zombie Apocalypse survival central!

The zombie craze went strong for a few years and the Las Vegas Zombie Apocalypse Store sure did make a sizable income. Some of the customers even flew into town from overseas just to purchase thousands of dollars worth of Zombie Apocalypse survival gear to ship back home. Consumer demand was high for a few years, then like all good things, the short lived Zombie trend started to fade away.  Even though business was declining, the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas had by then turned into a prime tourist attraction that drew in many zombie fans everyday.

The Zombie Apocalypse Store sure was a fun place to go shopping for unique merchandise and this shop was entertaining as well. A real live zombie shooting gallery arcade was located inside, so visitors of all ages could blow a few zombies away! The Zombie Apocalypse Store also hosted weekly Shoot Real Live Zombie events. These events involved loading participants on a big military truck that was sent to an undisclosed location where a surprise mass zombie attack would occur. The customers were armed with paint ball guns, which they used to mow down the hordes of brain eating zombies! The Shoot Real Live Zombies Events sure were popular back in those days, especially for Las Vegas visitors that were on a personal mission to save the world! 

Everything from military ammo to zombie coloring books could be found in the Zombie Apocalypse Store.  If you really needed expert advice on how to survive the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, the employees certainly were helpful.  There were no gimmicks and there was no cheap junk that would fall apart right in the middle of a zombie firefight.  Every Zombie Apocalypse defense weapon in this store was top notch quality and as everybody knows, quality sells. 

Unfortunately all good zombie things must come to an end and after the peak of the Zombie Apocalypse tend subsided, the Zombie Apocalypse store headed for the sunset too. The Zombie Apocalypse Store closed for business in 2017 and the owners converted the facility into a Bitcoin Store, which is possibly another passing trend to profit from. It was the curtain call for the Zombie Apocalypse Store, but it sure was a fun ride while it lasted!

Oddly enough, the reason why I retained the Zombie Apocalypse article is because visitors of Las Vegas still look for this destination and because so many people have fond memories of this macabre place. My original zombie store article was very popular, so republishing the photos and information as archived material was necessary to help keep the good zombie memories alive. From one zombie to another, this was my favorite little shop in Las Vegas and many other people’s too. Sadly enough, the Zombie Apocalypse Store is no more, yet the fame this living dead place gained will keep it alive for many years to come!


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