Haunted Hamburger! ~ Jerome Ghost Town

Haunted Hamburger! ~ Jerome Ghost Town

Paranormal tourism has been a popular trend in recent years, especially with the adventurous crowd. There are actually a few companies that specialize in western paranormal tour bus excursions and organized paranormal events, so nobody has to hunt down the supernatural on their own in this modern age. There are paranormal tours that cruise the borders of Area 51 and Roswell looking for UFOs and aliens. There are paranormal tours of the many “Boot Hill” graveyards in the old historic wild west towns where outlaw gunfights were commonplace. There are tours of old haunted gold mines and old wild west ghost towns. In the old historic Jerome Ghost town there are tours of the spooky old hospital on top of the hill and there is even a place to get an authentic paranormal Haunted Hamburger!

Jerome, Arizona is like no other western ghost town for a multitude of reasons. First of all, the town of Jerome was the richest copper mining camp in the world. The location of Jerome is unique as in how this town was built on a steep mountain slope. Because of this unusual terrain, many of the old buildings have slid downhill or they simply crumbled apart after the foundations broke loose, so there are a lot of mysterious missing pieces when viewing the city limits. Jerome is a living ghost town and the weekend warrior party animals simply love drinking at the watering holes in this place. Jerome also happens to be very haunted, which sets this place apart from other historic towns that are labeled with the ghost town moniker just to signify that nobody lives there anymore.

When visiting Jerome a tourist will find organized paranormal tours, crystal ball seance parlors, paranormal detective shops, haunted saloons, a haunted brothel, a haunted hospital and a couple of haunted dining destinations. One of the dining destinations is called The Asylum, which is conveniently located on Hill Street in the Jerome Grand Hotel, which used to be the hospital for this mining community. Just down Hill Street across from where the old doctor’s residence buildings still stand is where the ultimate paranormal hamburger munching destination can be found!

Haunted Hamburger is one of the few buildings that has not slid downhill in this part of town and this building was abandoned for many years. After an extensive restoration project, the old decrepit building was brought up to code and the Haunted Hamburger restaurant opened its doors. Haunted Hamburger has been the top paranormal dining destination in Jerome Ghost Town ever since!

Haunted Hamburger definitely is a tourist trap restaurant and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Western tourist trap restaurants are always fun places to go that entertain guests of all ages. Haunted Hamburger has a gift shop, just like most western tourist trap restaurants do and there are some nifty haunted ghost town items on the shelves that make great conversation pieces back home.

This paranormal restaurant also has a couple of seating areas. The Haunted Hamburger veranda offers the best tables in the house, because the entire valley below and the San Francisco Peaks are part of the majestic views from this porch. The craft beer is ice cold and the Haunted Hamburger on the menu is one of the best burgers in the west, so this definitely closes the paranormal dining destination deal!

For some, Haunted Hamburger is a spiritual experience, while for others this place is a good place to relax while taking in a panoramic views after climbing the many steep staircases in Jerome all day. Those who have dared to enter the spirit world here before will surely agree that when touring Jerome Ghost Town, Haunted Hamburger definitely is the most intriguing place to experience a great paranormal burger munch session!


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