Lipan Point ~ Grand Canyon National Park

Lipan Point ~ Grand Canyon National Park

The many Grand Canyon National Park scenic overlooks along Desert View Drive do offer a chance to escape from the big crowds that congregate near the Grand Canyon Village. Finding parking spots is not a problem along this long road and there are even a few picnic areas in the shade of the pine trees. Those who tour Desert View Drive will find a relaxed pace, plenty of room to breathe and quite a few majestic views of the Grand Canyon that not every visitor takes the time to see.

Lipan Pint is the last scenic overlook on Desert View Drive before getting to the Desert View Watchtower and the National Park east entrance gate. Lipan Point has a large parking area and facilities, because this scenic overlook can become busy toward the end of the day. The reason why has to do with Lipan Point happens to be one of the best places to view a dramatic colorful Grand Canyon sunset!

The views of the Lipan Point landmark, which extends far into the east end of the Grand Canyon are as picturesque as can be. The Lipan Point basin is next to the Little Colorado Gorge, which can be seen on the high ground to the northeast. Lipan Point is also one of the few places along the canyon rim where the Colorado River can be seen. As far as viewing a great sunset is concerned, it does not get any better than Lipan Point, because an unobstructed view west through the Grand Canyon can be seen. During the summer wildfire season, the smokey haze seems to settle in the Grand Canyon west of Lipan Point and this creates some of the most colorful sunsets that can be imagined!

Near Lipan Point is where the Colorado River and Little Colorado River Confluence can be found, which is off limits to all Grand Canyon visitors. The Confluence is an ancient native sacred place that is referred to by many regional tribal legends. Caves in this part of the Grand Canyon served as a shelter during some kind of a catostrphic event that took place long ago. During the catastrophe, it is said that fiery objects poured down like rain over a long period of time and the local Ant People provided shelter from the cosmic event.

In this same Confluence area, the legend of Kincaid’s Cave was borne in the early 1900s when this explorer discovered many ancient artifacts, which supposedly included golden Buddha statues and Egyptian mummies. The objects from foreign lands did not belong in this vast wilderness area according to historians back then, so the evidence was locked away in the Smithsonian Institute to never be seen by the public ever again. The Confluence is a very mysterious place and it is a good topic to ponder over while standing at Lipan Point.

Lipan Point is one of many scenic overlooks along Desert View Drive, but it stands out as being one of the best. No matter whether you are there to view a beautiful sunset or whether you are just looking for a good place to meditate upon the many mysteries of the Grand Canyon, Lipan Point certainly is a great place to be at the end of the day!


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