Caesars Forum Shops ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

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Caesars Forum Shops ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

Las Vegas has evolved into a prime world class shopping destination in recent years.  Travelers around the globe know that they can find whatever their hearts desire when shopping in this city.  The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace was one of the first modern mega resort malls to be built on the Las Vegas Strip and this magnificent shopping complex sure did establish a new trend!

Soon after The Forum Shops and a couple other classy mega resort malls appeared on The Strip, nearly every resort property on The Strip started adding a new shopping mall of their own and some went as far as to abandon longstanding entertainment venues to do so. Las Vegas Strip is currently being criticized for turning into an unsustainable endless shopping mall and rightly so. The flood of new shopping areas in recent years actually is a late winded attempt to catch up with the leading mega resorts that established the first few malls on The Strip a couple decades ago. One of the original first mega resort malls on the Las Vegas Strip just happens to be The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and this magnificent classic Roman style shopping destination is still one of the busiest on the Las Vegas Strip!

It is the unique classic Roman atmosphere that sets The Forum Shops apart from the rest. The classic Roman empire architectural theme is enough to leave any visitor in awe! The Forum Shops design combines elements acquired via Roman Mediterranean region conquests in ancient times. The statues come to life as part of the entertainment venue and an aquarium can even be found in this place.

The Forum Shops experience is as decadently blissful as can be, which fits in with the classic Sin City theme. This classic Roman style mall in Caesars Palace definitely is the place to shop till you drop if you have indulgence in mind!


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