Fox Cave ~ New Mexico

Fox Cave ~ New Mexico

There are few places in this world where the old west outlaw Billy The Kid history, aliens, UFO crash landings and a vast underground cave system can all be experienced in one place. Upon arrival at the Fox Cave in New Mexico, there will be no doubt in the visitors minds that they are indeed at the correct location! The Roswell UFO aliens certainly have taken over all tourist trap destinations in this region and the evidence of the extraterrestrial presence does run thick at the old west outlaw hideout that is better known as Fox Cave!

Fox Cave is located between Roswell and Ruidoso on U.S. Highway 70. This travel route goes to White Sands National Monument, so it is a popular road for Roswell tourists to follow. Tourists can experience the age of the atomic bomb, a top secret missile base and the scenic beauty of White Sands on top of everything else that is weird at Fox Cave and Roswell all in one day. For an average old west paranormal UFO atomic age conspiracy theorist sightseeing tourist, that is an awful lot to bite off and chew!

Yes, Fox Cave is an old fashioned western desert tourist trap that is way out in the middle of nowhere, but this destination sure does get a lot of attention. It is difficult not to notice Fox Cave when passing by, because everything from dinosaurs and little green men to gigantic zombie hands and old west pioneer antiques can be seen in this area. Fox Cave is even home to one of the immortal giant fiberglass muffler men and this one even sports an “Indiana Jones” style hat! A New Mexico desert tourist trap simply does not get any better than this!

Lincoln County, New Mexico was famous for being Billy The Kid territory in the days of the old wild west. After the Lincoln County War took place, Billy The Kid changed from fighting for freedom to becoming one of the most notorious outlaws in the old west. The Fox Cave, which was called “Ice Cave” back then, was one of Billy The Kid’s favorite hideouts. After Billy The Kid was found out, the Fox Cave instantly had a claim to fame and this place became an old west tourist attraction soon after. Things got even better during the age of the automobile and the Fox Cave saw plenty of tourist dollars flowing in back in those days. After Route 66 was bypassed and the interstate freeway system came to be, the old side road attractions like Fox Cave did not fare as well. Fortunately the Fox Cave survived the classic Route 66 economic downturn and this destination is still open for business to this day.

Fox Cave is the result of eons of erosion from the nearby Ruidoso River. This region has plenty of ancient ocean bottom sandstone and a limestone substrate, so the acidic river water has created unique calcium formations inside this cave that are well worth checking out. The stalactites and stalagmites that a visitor leans against in this cave may have been the same that Billy The Kid rested against after long day of robbing banks in this region. Many relics of the old outlaw west have been found at this site and they are on display in the visitors center.

Fox Cave has a gem stone mine amongst everything else, so lucky visitors may find a precious stone to bring home. Of course, Billy The Kid and plenty of alien UFO memorabilia is up for grabs too. Fox Cave offers a chance to experience some old west history that few mainstream tourists know about and there is plenty of New Mexico desert weirdness to experience at this place. When touring the alien occupied city of Roswell, a side trip to Fox Cave is simply a must to do!


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