The Wynn & Encore ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

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The Wynn & Encore ~ Las Vegas 2009-’15

The Wynn and Encore are two favorite destinations of Las Vegas visitors that seek a casino resort that offers elegance and panache!  The Wynn Tower was constructed first and the twin Encore Tower was completed only a few years later.  These twin casino resort towers have since become a landmark and symbol of Las Vegas excellence.  The Wynn Resort Complex is one of the 10 largest resorts in the world and Wynn has won more Forbes 5 Star Awards than any other casino resort. This is quite a bit to accomplish in such a short time, but all it takes is one visit to see that the Wynn upholds hospitality standards that have established a higher level of excellence on the Las Vegas Strip.   

The Wynn and Encore Towers look alike from the outside, but that is where many of the similarities end.  Both towers are luxury resorts on a grand scale, but the Encore Resort’s decor and entertainment venue is slightly more eccentric than what is found inside The Wynn.  I do say “slightly” more eccentric, because initially the Wynn Resort set an all time high standard for eclectic design themes when this resort was unveiled!  In fact, the general public was rather mainstream at that time and the eclectic decor was criticized by many reviews. Wynn refused to conform and the industry leading resort design style that was once scoffed at has now been adapted by many other top luxury resorts. Wynn achieved a higher level of luxurious decadence than the competition and this is part of the reason why this resort fared so well during the Great Recession. The interior design of the Wynn Resort Complex can be compared to a modern work of art and rightly so!

Las Vegas style sophisticated elegance is what the Wynn luxury resort is all about.  The Wynn and Encore offer every luxury amenity that one could possibly dream of.  An international style spa, first rate shopping and some of the best world class restaurants are just a start.  The Wynn has an elegant wedding chapel for those who want to tie the knot with refined luxury.  The Wynn also offers a challenging golf course, a superb sports book and excellent gaming in the casino that makes any guest feel like a high roller. 

The Wynn and Encore have two very different pool settings.  The Wynn pool offers relaxed sheer elegance, while the Encore Beach Club is as wild as a college pool party can get!  Top DJ’s headline the pool parties at the Encore Beach Club all summer long. The Encore Beach Club is one of the hottest spring break destinations on The Strip!

Several top musical performers headline at The Wynn each year.  The Wynn also boasts two great show productions in house.  I saw Le Rêve shortly after The Wynn opened its doors.  All I can say is that Le Rêve is a breathtaking acrobatic water dance show production that is like no other!

My first visit to the Wynn was interesting to say the least.  The Wynn granted an all expense paid promotional package to the Las Vegas taxi & limo drivers, in order to promote the resort shortly after it opened.  The promo package included a luxury hotel room for 1 night, tickets for Le Rêve, a private dinner party at Tryst Night Club and a Brunch Buffet. I was driving taxi in Las Vegas back then and The Wynn grand opening promo was like a dream come true!  The view of the Las Vegas Strip from a room in The Wynn that is over 35 floors up is breathtaking in its own right, but the Le Rêve show was the icing on the cake.  Since I started my driving shift at 3:00AM, doing the free brunch buffet was not possible, so I soaked up the private dinner party opportunity at Tryst. 

Tryst is a modern Las Vegas nightclub that has to be experienced to be believed.  Tryst is located on a lagoon next to a waterfall.  Music fills the air inside the club and one step onto the veranda overlooking the lagoon provides starlit serenity from the sound of water and crickets chirping.  This classy nightclub is perfect for casually socializing with a cocktail in hand.  The Tryst Nightclub has changed name since then, but the atmosphere is still just as inviting.                  

Dining options at The Wynn range from casual to world class fine dining.  Steve and Andrea Wynn are devoted vegetarians, so modern elegant vegetarian cuisine is featured at many of the restaurants in this resort. The Buffet at The Wynn was recently remodeled to have a complete open view kitchen.  I have dined at The Buffet several times and the food has always been superb.  I usually pick The Buffet as my own top choice for a holiday season dinner and this year was no exception.  I recently spent a couple of days doing the Cowboy Christmas event and the Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo.  I was not sure whether I would get anymore time off from my job in Arizona, so I decided to do Christmas dinner at The Wynn about 2 weeks early. Basically I just figured this was a good excuse for indulging at The Buffet! 

One thing that has not changed at The Buffet is the high food quality.  Classic international cuisine with modern presentations is par for the course at this fine gourmet buffet.  The carving station is managed like a fine dining steakhouse.  Racks of lamb and maple pork belly roast on the grill and the prime rib is fresh from the oven.  Rack of Lamb and great Prime Rib on a buffet? … That is practically unheard of in this modern age!  At The Wynn, it is a reality!  It is well worth the wait and the price to dine at The Buffet in The Wynn Casino Resort.  When dining, just think of the Wynn Buffet as being a master chef’s tasting menu event, because this is how great the food is.  By the way, the fine desserts are nothing less than angelic! 

Living it up like a high roller in Las Vegas is something that one must experience at least once in a lifetime.  If modern elegance beyond your wildest dreams is what you desire when planning a trip to Las Vegas, then The Wynn & Encore Casino Resort is the place to be!


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