Adios Monte Carlo! ~ Las Vegas 2009-’12

Adios Monte Carlo! ~ Las Vegas 2009-’12

The Monte Carlo Casino Resort was a long standing MGM property on the Las Vegas Strip that has always been a favorite of visitors and locals.  Visitors liked the classic casual elegance that the old Monte Carlo Casino Resort offered. This resort was just about the only place on The Strip that offered a classic European atmosphere for a long time. The classic architectural style, fountains, traditional European fine dining and the countless old world statues created a luxurious ambiance that has been cast aside in this modern world of cookie cutter building designs. The Monte Carlo Las Vegas was one of a kind and this old casino resort will surely be missed!  

At some time around 2016, MGM Resorts International announced that the old Monte Carlo would be rebranded as an all new resort. Since the structural integrity of the building was good, remodeling and rebranding was the best choice. The timing for rebranding also was good, because the Great Recession had already subsided and the Las Vegas economy had been improving since 2013.

The Great Recession was like a nail in the coffin for classic European cuisine and the general public’s fondness for luxurious classic European architectural styles also was fast becoming a thing of the past at that time. All that people wanted to see after the recession was a resort that offered a modern unique new kind of fun experience, so the Monte Carlo theme was finally seeing the end of its time. From 2016 through 2018 the old Monte Carlo was transformed into an all new resort that is called the ParkMGM.

Personally, I have not visited the new ParkMGM Casino Resort, because I am still getting over the loss of the old Monte Carlo. The other reason is because I have been boycotting the Las Vegas Strip resorts, because free parking for paying guests is no longer available. Someday the urge to wine and dine at Diablo’s Cantina or somewhere on The Strip will strike and checking out the new ParkMGM Casino Resort will be something worthwhile to do. Till then, adios Monte Carlo!


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