Indian Springs ~ Nevada

Indian Springs ~ Nevada

I used to work as a college intern at a resort in Death Valley, California while living in Las Vegas a few years ago. Because the internship only lasted three months, I retained my apartment in Las Vegas and also lived in a dorm room at the Death Valley job site during the work week. On my days off, I traveled back to Las Vegas on U.S Highway 95, so I passed through every little town along the way many times. Driving past Indian Springs, Creech Air Force Base, Mercury, the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and the Area 51 Alien Travel Center in the Amargosa Valley on the way back and forth to work was a regular thing back in those days. All that I can say about the experience is that this truly is one very long boring stretch of barren desert road, unless one stops to take a break in the little towns along the way.

Going north on U.S. Highway 95 from Las Vegas, Indian Springs is the first little town that a tourist will see. The funny thing is there really is not much of anything left in Indian Springs that justifies calling this place a town, other than having the Creech AFB located here. Indian Springs was once a tourist friendly town back in the golden age of automobile touring and this town has some old west heritage. There used to be several motels, restaurants and casinos along the highway corridor next to the military base that served tourists and local ranchers, but nearly all are now long gone. Just about all that a visitor will now find in Indian Springs is a convenience store and gas station among the decaying remnants of what used to be.

The reason for the disappearance of tourism businesses at Indian Springs has to do with Creech Air Force Base increasing its security buffer zone, especially in times of heightened national security alerts. Because this government entity is so powerful in this town, eliminating the undesirable businesses that attracted outsiders was easy to accomplish.

Currently there are no casinos or vacation motels left in Indian Springs. All that a visitor will find is a Veteran’s Memorial Park, which has an old 1950s air force jet on display and and a few historical markers nearby that are well worth checking out. Of course Creech AFB has a visitors center, but doing a tour of the base is probably out of the question. This is because Creech AFB has been the center of attention concerning drone research in the past and many secret weapons programs have been tested here. This brings up a topic of concern for photographers during periods of high security alert, because photographing details of Creech AFB may result in detainment and the surrender of any photos taken.

Secret Base Tourism has actually turned into a real money making proposition for the State Of Nevada in recent years, mostly because of conspiracy theories and the extraterrestrial paranormal trend.  The money to be made in this marketing field actually is in the Area 51 tourist traps and the alien beef jerky stands, which can be seen anywhere near the secret base installations out in this vast desert expanse. It just goes to show that if you happen to be a spy looking a top secret military UFO alien base in Nevada, then all that you have to do is just look for an extraterrestrial beef jerky stand and a secret base will be nearby!

For those who expect to witness UFOs, secret weapons projects or anything else that would be considered as paranormal when passing through Indian Springs, there will probably be nothing but disappointment. The exception is when driving at night, because the glow of the Creech AFB runway lights do look rather intense in the dark sky. In modern times, Indian Springs has become just a highway speed trap town that has a convenience store gas station that sells ice cold beer. Old historic Indian Springs has pretty much just faded into the past, yet this is a place that people like to drive through, just so they will have something to ponder over while burning up the odometer on this long lonely highway!


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