Las Vegas Bikefest 2013 ~ Cashman Center Event & Blue Oyster Cult!

Las Vegas Bikefest 2013 ~ Cashman Center Event & Blue Oyster Cult!

The month of October is when the annual Las Vegas Bikefest event takes place. Bikefest used to be a citywide celebration, but now that the resorts on The Strip have turned up their noses, this mass celebration of the motorbike lifestyle is held in the Fremont Entertainment District and at Cashman Center downtown. Downtown Las Vegas is a world of tradition, so Bikefest still is a celebrated event in this old entertainment district!

The 2013 Bikefest events on Fremont Street and at Hogs & Heifers Saloon were published in a previous article. The party was just warming up on Fremont Street while I was there, when I heard that Blue Oyster Cult was headlining at the Cashman Center Bikefest event, so I hopped in a cab and scooted on down the road. After arriving at Cashman Center, I was instantly struck with awe.  The parking lot was filled with thousands of motorcycles that stretched out as far as the eyes can see.  The scene at Cashman Center was pure hog heaven!

When I got to the admission gate, I told the attendant that I brought a big camera to photograph the bikes for a blog article.  The biker attendant let me in for free just to help publisize the event, so I was as happy as a peach in a tree!

There was plenty going on and plenty of great motorbike eye candy to see at the main Bikefest event at Cashman Center!  Custom bike shop vendors had their wares on display and many provided on the spot custom shop services for LED lighting, sound system installment and pin striping.  T-Shirt shops, patch stands, psychics, custom metal jewelry vendors and memorabilia tents were all marketing products outside the convention center.  There were plenty of food trucks, beer tents, BBQ trucks, lemonade stands and even the Jack Daniels Wagon was on site too.

American motorcycle manufacturers were the prime attraction at Cashman Center.  I have always been an Indian Motorcycle fan and this company sure does make nice classic style bikes in today’s modern age. After drooling over the Indian bikes, I continued to salivate all over the Harley’s and Victory bikes that were on display at Bikefest.  I took plenty of pictures while popping back and forth to see the Blue Oyster Cult concert while there and met a few interesting characters along the way.

A loud heavy rock band from the 1970s, like Blue Oyster Cult was the perfect entertainment choice for the Cashman Center Bikefest event.  I have not seen this band since I was a teenager in Miami, back when concert ticket prices were $2.00. Oddly enough, the Blue Oyster Cult biker security roadie by the band stage gate saw me taking pictures with my big camera and he said in a deep rough tough voice, “You got three minutes, man!” At first, I was confused over whether I had three minutes to live or get out of town, then he pointed at the stage and opened the gate.  I did not even hesitate to get up front of the stage to get a few good pictures of the Blue Oyster Cult live at the Bikefest concert! That sure was a good Bikefest picture taking moment and I was mighty thankful for the opportunity.

After hearing the Blue Oyster Cult hit songs “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and “Godzilla” at full blast volume, which actually felt pretty good at the time, I lingered about till the concert was over and chatted with some Local Las Vegas bikers. After the lights were dimmed at Cashman Center, I walked back to the big Bikefest party that was going on at Fremont Street and the Hogs & Heifers Saloon. The 2013 Las Vegas Bikefest was a wild evening of music, motorbikes and bikers from around the globe having a good time. This yearly event ties in with the month long Halloween celebrations in Las Vegas, so the party does not end here. Las Vegas Bikefest is an event that simply must be experience when visiting downtown during the month of October!


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