The Aliante Casino Hotel ~ North Las Vegas 2009-’15

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The Aliante Casino Hotel, North Las Vegas!

The north end of the Las Vegas Valley is not as far away as it used to be, now that the I-215 Beltway has finally been completed.  This long stretch of road now flows smoothly from I-15 by Nellis AFB to the west end of town near Red Rock Canyon, before looping back toward the airport and Henderson.  The distance to points of interest in North Las Vegas is still the same mileage, but it no longer takes more than an hour to get there when traffic is snarled up on the surface streets. 

What this all means to visitors of Las Vegas and locals in the valley is there are now more options to get some fresh air in a relaxed “Off The Strip” casino resort atmosphere.  Not everybody wants to be in the thick of things every minute of the day on The Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Street when visiting town.  After a while, sensory overload takes over when too much time is spent in loud, crowded, neon lit environment and the local’s casino resorts located Off The Strip do offer a little more of a mellow atmosphere and more room to breathe freely. 

The Aliante Casino Hotel & Spa is located at 7300 North Aliante Parkway in North Las Vegas.  The Aliente Parkway off-ramp is located on I-215 between Highway 95 and I-15, so out of town visitors will be happy to know that every major highway in the valley is close by.   

Originally this resort was named “The Aliante Station” and it was one of many Station Casinos in the Las Vegas Valley.  Just before the Great Recession went full tilt in 2009, the Station Casinos Corporation uneiled two luxury resort projects located in the outskirts of the city and one huge mega-resort construction project located on the Las Vegas Strip.  The Red Rock Casino and Aliante Station luxury resorts were completed and the mega-resort Echelon project on The Strip failed financially in the first phase of construction. Because of the harsh economic climate during the recession, luxury was not in high demand and the golf resort theme Aliante Station was not turning profits like it should.  The Station Casino Corporation eventually unloaded The Aliente Station and this casino resort has seen a couple of new owners since then.

The current Aliante Resort logistical plan is driven by the original country club style design.  The Aliante Golf Club offers championship quality play right next door, so this modern casino resort was designed to be a golfer’s paradise with all amenities included.  During the economic recession, the golfing destination theme was not exactly profitable, but now that the worst of economic times are over, the golfer’s paradise theme will be the key to success. 

The new Aliante Casino Hotel management team retained many facility features that the Station Casino Corporation left behind and the atmosphere of comfortable casual luxury was retained.  The table gaming runs at a relaxed pace and the casino floor is spacious.  The level of service is classy, yet not offensively stiff like at a formal luxury resort, so the middle class crowd enjoys this place.  The overall feel of the Aliante atmosphere can be compared to what is found at a comfortable casual golf course country club.

The restaurant and buffet prices at Aliante are about the same as the premium luxury Station Casino resorts, like the Green Valley Ranch and the Red Rock Casino Resort.  Apparently the new owners of the Aliante placed heavy emphasis on maintaining restaurant customer satisfaction by improving quality, while retaining good dining value, just like the previous operation.  This hospitality strategy pleases the local clientele, because Las Vegas locals always seem to prefer easy to recognize food that presents value. 

Some people live to buffet in Las Vegas and the Medley Buffet is a favorite of the North Las Vegas locals. As a poor Las Vegas college student, a value priced buffet was a saving grace, so I had a thing for seeking good buffet bargains. As a bargain seeker, the Medley Buffet at Aliante was a good deal, especially when using player rewards card discounts. I never tried the other restaurants in this resort, but a wide variety of dining venues are offered.

The Aliante opened during the worst of economic times and this resort has definitely faired well after a change of ownership.  The Aliante Casino Hotel has now found a viable niche in the local’s casino scene.  The relaxed country club pace, atmosphere and amenities appeal to golfers, locals and those who seek casual comfort with a touch of elegance off The Las Vegas Strip. Besides, Aliante also is one of the best places to view sunsets during the summer season, so this is reason enough to check out this local’s casino while in town!  


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