JW Marriott Rampart Casino Resort & Spa ~ Las Vegas 2013

JW Marriott Rampart Casino Resort & Spa ~ Las Vegas 2013

The JW Marriott Rampart Casino Resort is located at 221 N Rampart Boulevard about one block south of the Summerlin Parkway.  This location is in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas, near Red Rock Canyon, so the JW Marriott overlooks the lights of the city from the mountain’s edge. This part of Summerlin is an entertainment, shopping and golf course district, so a luxury resort casino and spa is a nice fit. The JW Marriott Rampart serves as a Las Vegas local’s casino that offers casual luxury at an affordable price!  

The Rampart Casino has an elegant resort theme that is similar to high end resorts in Florida. Hundreds of palm trees surround the building, which adds to the charm. The classic, yet modern, architectural design does breathe an air of elegance in this championship golf course community and the casino floor atmosphere is like being in a posh country club!

The JW Marriott is a full scale resort that has a convention center and meeting rooms.  Business travelers that seek some elegant peace and quiet away from the Las Vegas Strip can find it at this resort in Summerlin.  The JW Marriott hosts several trendy restaurants, a pool and spa facility, so this by far is one of the classiest casinos to be found off The Strip.  Many local Summerlin residents frequent the JW Marriott Resort, because this luxurious destination actually promotes itself as being local’s friendly.  The players reward comp system at this casino offers great value, so be sure to get a card in order to take advantage of the bargains!  

Many people cannot imagine that luxury and value can be mentioned in the same sentence with a local’s casino, but in this case it definitely can.  When considering the pleasant atmosphere, the elegance and the high level of customer satisfaction that this resort offers, one would expect to hear that the prices would demand a premium cost.  To my surprise, the prices for room packages at the JW Marriott are quite reasonable and the restaurant prices compare to downtown, rather than The Strip. What this means is the Rampart Casino is one of the best values in the entire valley!    

The main attraction of booking a stay at the JW Marriott Resort happens to be the game of golf.  Every major tournament golf course in the valley is located in the Summerlin neighborhood.  There are a couple of championship golf courses nearby that host professional tournaments each year.  One of the golf courses carves its way through rough mountainside canyon terrain and just landing the ball on the green is a real challenge. 

Summerlin is an upscale neighborhood.  Plenty of fine shopping areas, wine bars and restaurants are located within one mile of this resort.  Tivoli Village and Downtown Summerlin have turned into popular shopping destinations in recent years, so there is plenty to experience in this neighborhood. 

The scenic Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area is close by and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do in this area.  Hiking and rock climbing are the primary activities, but during spring many folk go to Red Rock Canyon just to see the desert wildflower blooms.  Wild burros and their newborn foals also head down into the canyon this time of year, so one might say that Red Rock Canyon is a photographer’s paradise! 

While attending college in Las Vegas, value priced buffets were what kept meat on the bones. I tried just about every buffet in Las Vegas back in those days and since I had no family in town, I chose to dine at the Rampart Buffet for Thanksgiving Dinner back in 2013, which turned out to be a nice experience. Gourmet ingredients and trendy modern recipes along with live cooking stations were featured on the holiday buffet, so the dining event turned out to be something that was way beyond expectations, especially when considering the modest price!

After dining, I decided to take advantage of the Rampart Casino player rewards system.  While playing an Alien movie theme video slot machine, I ended up hitting the Alien Egg Bonus a few times.  I actually won enough money to cover all costs that evening and I also earned enough player points to get a free prize spin at a Rampart Casino Player Rewards Kiosk.  The free spin at the kiosk resulted in winning even more redeemable players points, a half price buffet voucher, a free baseball cap and a free pumpkin pie.  This is how life goes at a good local’s casino off the Las Vegas Strip!

The JW Marriott Rampart Casino definitely is a friendly luxurious local’s casino that offers good value and this destination is well worth checking out while in town! If you seek comfortable casual luxury off The Strip, this is the place to go!


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