Sam’s Town ~ Elvis Memorial Weekend

Sam’s Town ~ Elvis Memorial Weekend

One of the saddest days in history was back on August 16, 1977, when the King Of Rock & Roll passed away.  Many people reverently mourn Elvis Presley each year on this memorial weekend by making a pilgrimage to Las Vegas.  Since corporate casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have abandoned many Las Vegas traditions in recent years, the best way to find classic Las Vegas style Elvis entertainment is to head for where the locals go.  Sam’s Town is touted as a locals casino and many tourists prefer this comfortable “off the strip” resort, because of its classic western charm.      

The Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall truly is a place where Elvis never left the building! During the commemorative weekend celebration, Elvis definitely still was the headliner every night.  Everything from Elvis Karaoke Contests to top Elvis Impersonator Bands at Roxy’s Lounge and an endless array of back to back Elvis movies in the entertainment hall were all taking place.  Fans of “The King” came from everywhere around the globe just to experience the Elvis Memorial Weekend at Sam’s Town, so was definitely the most happening place to be at the end of the long slow summer season!     

The Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall is located at 5111 Boulder Highway in Las Vegas at the intersection of East Flamingo. Sam’s Town is famous for its comfortable country western theme and the level of service is top notch.  Since there are currently no casinos on the Las Vegas Strip that have an old west theme, this resort gets top billing for those seeking a place that offers this venue.  

The original reason why I was going to Sam’s Town was because I had a craving for a good Banana Split after a long week of college. Ice cream fans will all agree that some ice cream parlors are better than others and the old fashioned ones are best. Calamity Jane’s Ice Cream Parlor features good old fashioned hand scooped Dreyer’s Ice Cream.  Dreyer’s has been making slow churned ice cream since 1928.  Dreyer’s is the most popular brand in the west, so it is the locals choice! As can be seen in the photos, the old fashioned traditional Banana Split at Calamity Jane’s Ice Cream Parlor is as classic as it gets!

Elvis certainly was a classic junk food fan and the grilled peanut butter, honey, bacon and banana sandwich that he created is still one of the most popular in Las Vegas. Indulging on a classic Banana Split is a fitting tribute to the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, especially on Elvis Memorial Weekend at Sam’s Town!


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