The Heart Attack Grill! ~ Fremont Street

The Heart Attack Grill!

The shocking medical ward theme of the Heart Attack Grill is just too much for some people to handle, while others look forward to conquering a quadruple bypass after going on a monumental junk food feeding frenzy in this place! The signage at the Heart Attack Grill clearly depicts what this restaurant is all about.  Health food is not what you will find at the Heart Attack Grill.  This famous Las Vegas bar and grill is a throwback to the good old days of not caring about how many calories are in a burger or how fattening a rich thick milkshake can be!  

According to the doctor at the Heart Attack Grill, dieting is unhealthy and it is a waste of time!  Las Vegas is all about sinful indulgence, so this restaurant theme fits in with the scene.  You only go around once in life, so relax, indulge, have a great time and have no regrets! This is what the Heart Attack Grill dining experience is all about!  

Every customer that steps through the door is a medical patient at the Heart Attack Grill!  Upon entry, a customer is issued a hospital patient gown, then seated at the bar or table.  A nurse, surgeon or doctor provides table service diagnosis, then the prescribed meal is served. The dining room literally looks like a hospital ward full of patients with doctors and nurses in attendance, so be prepared for some good laughs! 

The food at the Heart Attack Grill is superbly old school!  The Heart Attack Grill Quad Bypass Burger is made with 2 pounds of ground beef and it is currently holds the Guinness World Record for the burger with the highest caloric content.  The Flatliner Fries and all other fried food on the menu are cooked in pure lard, the old fashion way.  Lard adds great flavor and those who remember how great the fries tasted back in the 1960s know this for a fact. Even the rich thick hand scooped ice cream milkshakes are made the classic way with rich butter cream.  The shakes are every bit as thick as the classic old time milkshakes that were made in malt shops back in the 1950s and the Deep Fried Twinkie Obscene Shake happens to be my favorite.  Medical patients in the Heart Attack Grill can even order the Butterfat Milkshakes spiked with liquor, if the doctor okays the prescription!

For those who are in a hurry to be diagnosed with dire health symptoms, the vegetarian menu is a good option.  The vegetarian menu at the Heart Attack Grill only offers classic non-filter cigarettes!  Purchasing a token pack of Lucky Stripes while dining at the Heart Attack Grill may disturb the “vegan food nazis” but that is par for the course at the Heart Attack Grill. If extending the family lung disease tradition to future generations is a matter of importance, then opting for the nifty old fashioned Candy Cigarettes on the children’s menu is a good choice. 

For those who opt for the Quadruple Bypass Burger, special attention is provided to these patients by the medical staff.  If a patient successfully consumes an entires 2 pound Quadruple Bypass Burger, an award of merit is presented to the lucky customer! Patients that conquer the Quadruple Bypass challenge will also will get the wheelchair option for exiting the hospital dining hall, because they will surely slip into a medically induced meat consumption coma soon afterward. On the flip-side, the naughty patients that do not completely finish their entire Quadruple Bypass dietary meal will receive a disciplinary spanking with a big wooden paddle in front of all the other patients in the hospital dining hall! If a Quadruple Bypass patient thinks that the paddle spanking is a light tap on the rear end, then one will be in for a surprise. The Heart Attack Grill doctors and nurses do apply heavy pressure when walloping the derriere with the big wooden paddle!  The sound of naughty patients screaming for mercy while being spanked for not finishing their Quadruple Bypass can actually be heard outside the building! 

Videos of Quadruple Bypass patient spanking sessions can be viewed at the Heart Attack Grill Website.  The spanking videos are viewed worldwide and this is the means for achieving the glorious 15 minutes of fame that an average person or patient will be allotted during a lifetime.

Of course, today’s travel dining destination article was written with some tongue in cheek humor in mind, but this actually is the calorie rich rebellious reality of the Heart Attack Grill. The Heart Attack Grill is a place where a patient can rebel against every healthy food item on earth for just one solitary old fashioned junk food meal. For the unfortunate few that flatline quite often, the indulgent dining event at the Heart attack Grill may even be the last supper!

On the serious side, if tiny skimpy food portions and nagging health food fanatics are not your to your liking, then the Heart Attack Grill is ultimate dining destination for carefree indulgence in Sin City! The Heart Attack Grill is located in the Neonopolis Entertainment Complex at the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard South.  The East Fremont Street Entertainment District is next door to the Heart Attack Grill and the Fremont Street Experience Video Screen Canopy begins here.  The Zombie Apocalypse Experience, the world’s largest Interactive Marijuana Museum and the thrilling Slotzilla Zip Line are all conveniently located next to the Heart Attack Grill too, so a willing patient may need to increase medical coverage for more prescriptions from the doctor before checking out of the Heart Attack Grill!


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