Rachel, Nevada ~ The Extraterrestrial Highway!

Rachel, Nevada ~ The Extraterrestrial Highway!

Aliens and creepy secret military bases may be spooky topics, but these areas of paranormal interest actually are a reality in Nevada.  Area 51 is a scret base installation that is infamous for alien UFO research rumors and this place is often referred to as a suburb of Las Vegas.  Area 51 was once famous for being the secret research facility that officially never existed, but recently the US government finally let the “cat out of the bag” and announced that Area 51 was not merely a figment of a deranged science fiction writer’s imagination!

Area 51 has been an advanced aeronautic skunk works testing ground from the start way back in the 1950s.  The testing facility at Groom Lake is one of many secret project bases that are located on the vast Nellis Air Force Base property.  One of the other famous secret bases on this property is the Nevada Test Site, where nuclear weapons testing went on for several decades after WWII.

According to local Native American lore, there are several secret underground bases in the Southwest that aliens built thousands of years ago.  Some say that many of these bases are still occupied by aliens from outer space and some say that Area 51 is one of the original underground alien bases.  Rumor has it that the US military and extraterrestrials formed an alliance at Area 51 and have been in the flying saucer manufacturing business ever since. This is why security levels are extremely high in this region of Nevada. 

Scientists and security personnel that claimed to have worked at Area 51, have leaked eye witness accounts of seeing aliens working with humans at the secret base facilities in Groom Lake.  Because of the mysterious activity and UFO sightings in the region that surrounds Area 51, this part of the Great Basin Desert has the reputation of being one of the creepiest paranormal places on earth.

Taking a sightseeing drive from Las Vegas to the secret alien UFO base territory in central Nevada is a good way to get some fresh air and enjoy some majestic views of the wide open spaces.  It is best to drive a reliable car when traveling on the long desert roads that lead to this destination, because towing charges out in the middle of nowhere can be costly.  Fueling up the car before getting to the Extra Terrestrial Highway is advisable. The closest gas stations are at least 20 miles away in Alamo and the ones in Beatty and Tonopah are even further, so fuel management is a concern.  Carrying a 2 day supply of water and nonperishable food is suggested if touring the long dirt side roads in the desert is on the agenda.  

There is nothing like a good tourist trap to break up the monotony when traveling on long stretches of road in the Great Basin Desert and there are few tourist traps that are more interesting than the ones that can be found along the Extraterrestrial Highway.  Yes, Area 51 is so top secret that they actually named the road to this destination after alien beings from outer space! Las Vegas even went as far as to name the old local minor league baseball team “The 51’s” in honor of this top secret base too, so it just goes to show what a major security leak can do!

The Great Basin Desert offers panoramic views of vast desert landscapes and clear blue skies, but the majestic beauty pales in comparison to what this region is famous for.  Aliens, UFO encounters, abducted cattle and top secret military bases are what comes to mind when most folks think about traveling through this desolate region. This is especially true when driving on the Extraterrestrial Highway to Rachel, Nevada! 

There are plenty of credible witnesses that have described UFO activity all along the Extraterrestrial Highway through the years.  Even old Native American lore describes weird things that took place in this region long ago and some ancient accounts of alien contact can be seen in the local petroglyphs.  This is a creepy area to drive through by day and it is an even more eerie experience at night. The Extraterrestrial Highway is one of those creepy long roads that causes a driver to repeatedly look at the clock, just to make sure that no unexplainable lapse of time occurs.

Thoughts of alien encounters and abductions can become overwhelming while cruising down the Extraterrestrial Highway.  The nightmarish vision of taking a wrong turn onto a dirt road in this desert and being detained by security personnel at Area 51, then being experimented on by alien beings from another galaxy is enough to give anybody a case of the heebie-jeebies.

Those who always wondered about alien cattle mutilations in relation to the E.T. Beef Jerky Stands in remote places can possibly find out the truth of the matter while traveling on the Extraterrestrial Highway.  This is open ranch country and there are plenty of cattle around.  The aliens from outer space know this and maybe this is why so many UFO’s have been spotted around these parts.  Extraterrestrials certainly are not stupid creatures and they probably are profit driven, just like the advanced life forms on earth.  It would be no surprise to discover that aliens are really marketing abducted cattle jerky along the Extraterrestrial Highway, especially when starting the trip from the east end of the road!

As far as alien operated tourist traps go, the E.T. Fresh Jerky Shop in Hiko at the east entrance to the Extraterrestrial Highway really has it going on!  Every rumor about aliens, UFO’s, secret bases and abducted cattle mutilations that are seen on TV are like free advertising for E.T. Fresh Jerky Stand.  This enterprising alien jerky marketing scheme is ingenious in that respect!  Aluminum foil hat conspiracy theorists might even go as far as to say that the Area 51 flying saucer rumor mill is really nothing more than a jerky advertising ploy, which was contrived by alien entrepreneurs from the Andromeda Galaxy. It is funny how far rumors travel on the Extraterrestrial Highway!

There is no use attempting to avoid the alien tourist traps along the Extraterrestrial Highway! One simply cannot pass through without making a token purchase, in order to appease the all powerful alien beings that inhabit this region.  Aliens have the power of mind control and they can literally override the willpower of uncooperative tourists driving by, so resistance truly is futile! 

All that can be said is that the aliens prefer tourist abductees to go willingly.  The best thing to do, in order to ensure safe passage through the extraterrestrial territory, is to fork out some cash and make a token purchase of some Turkey Terrestrial Jerky, NASA Nuggets or Paranormal Pepperoni. This act is like being like an emissary of this world and it may be necessary from a self preservation standpoint.  Extraterrestrial tourist trap operators look highly upon gestures of appreciation and leaving a tip may promote alien goodwill toward mankind.

The E.T. Fresh Jerky Shop is the first secret checkpoint when traveling on the Extraterrestrial Highway to Rachel and the second one is even more difficult to pass by. The Area 51 Alien Research Center is the second top secret tourist trap destination along the way to Rachel and this place is easy to spot, because big tall silver metal statue of an extraterrestrial being stands in front of the silver painted quonset hut building. 

Plenty of Area 51 memorabilia and souvenirs are available at the Alien Research Center.  I purchased a bottle of Alien Honey for a good price while I was there.  Alien Honey is actually pure Agave Nectar. The family that owns the Area 51 Alien Research Center also owns the Alien Tequila Company in Mexico.  Alien Tequila is not easy to find in the State Of Nevada, because this product sells out so fast.  The glass tequila bottles are shaped like the head of an alien being and the bottles do have collector value.  I have tried Alien Tequila and is is a very nice tasting liquor.  If you have been seeking bottles of the elusive Alien Tequila, then the Area 51 Alien Research Center is the place to go!

Going west on the Extraterrestrial Highway from the Area 51 Alien Research Center is a very long desolate stretch of road. Humans driving automobiles are the cause of far more cattle mutilations than aliens and this little known fact is the reason why speeding on the Extraterrestrial Highway is not a good idea. Nearly the entire desert region of Nevada is open range cattle ranch territory and ranchers despise those who hit their livestock with cars or trucks. The local sheriffs will show little mercy on the driver if cattle are struck, so it is best to avoid this type of abduction. A few pictures above show the result of an irresponsible motorist on the Extraterrestrial Highway.  The downed cattle were not the result of alien cattle mutilations, but that is always a possibility near Area 51. 

Finally after a long lapse in time while driving on the Extraterrestrial Highway, the signs for Rachel, Nevada will appear on the horizon. Rachel, Nevada is a small town that is located right next to Area 51.  This is a place where many documented UFO sightings have occurred over the years and there are even tales of aliens that have wandered into the bar from the neighboring secret base. Rachel is one of the all time greatest paranormal tourism destinations in the world and it is a good place to take a break from the road to get something to eat that is out of this world!

Because so many people travel to the Area 51 region with the hopes of spotting flying saucers and aliens, the town of Rachel has become a prime secret base tourism destination.  Many people say that aliens also travel to this specific part of the desert just to mingle with humans.  Rachel, Nevada is famous for being the only place on earth that openly rolls out the welcome mat for both aliens and human travelers of the Extraterrestrial Highway! 

The Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada is a bar & grill where both aliens and humans can feel right at home. The Little A’Le’Inn has long been recognized as a comfortable gathering spot where extraterrestrial discrimination problems do not exist. After arriving in Rachel after the long trek, hunger mysteriously sets in, just as if alien telepathic mind control has taken over the senses. It is easy to get the feeling of being telepathically controlled while looking at the menu, while thoughts of dietary restrictions are erased from the caverns of the mind. This is when the Saucer Burger starts to look like the menu item that simply must be tried!

The LittleA’Le’Inn offers a full bar and a full menu of good breakfast, lunch and dinner cuisine. The Little A’Le’Inn is a fun tourist trap too!  There are plenty of Area 51 collectibles and alien UFO souvenirs of every kind imaginable inside the gift shop.  The Little A’Le’Inn T-Shirts are one of the most popular tourist mementos and so are the little green men coffee mugs. 

After doing lunch with the friendly aliens at the Little A’Le’Inn, I stopped by a unique points of interest along the Extraterrestrial Highway on the way back to Las Vegas.  It is not advisable to travel on any dirt road that runs south from the Extraterrestrial Highway without a good map, because the Groom Lake secret base is in that direction.  It is all to easy to drive right past a no trespass warning sign and become subject to some serious legal consequences.  Staying on the highway is a better idea for mainstream tourists. 

A few miles east of Rachel, there is a dirt road that leads to the infamous Black Mailbox. The Black Mailbox was made famous by Bob Lazar and John Lear, when they were caught observing scheduled Area 51 flying saucer test flights from this landmark spot.  Bob Lazar is a scientist that is rumored to have been involved with working on antigravity aeronautic projects in Area 51, so he had the inside skinny.  This top secret Area 51 physicist basically blew the cover for the project and ever since his story was leaked, the Black Mailbox has become a popular place for viewing UFO craft at night.  By the way, the Black Mailbox is not black anymore.  It was painted white, so it would be visible at night.  The Black Mailbox actually has nothing to do with Area 51, because it is the property of a local rancher. This landmark is just a famous observation point, but witnesses are subject to being detained for questioning if caught there during secret operations.  

Alien Secret Base Tourism is a new craze, but venturing too close to a secret base may cause a visitor to be listed as just another missing person. Venturing into the Area 51 “Dream Land” territory certainly will create memories to ponder over for a lifetime, even though the memories may have been instilled telepathically by alien beings during an unnoticed lapse in time.  Nevada secret base territory is the ultimate tourist abduction destination and the Extra Terrestrial Highway is the road to Rachel where it all began!


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