The South Point Hotel Casino ~ Seafood Buffet Night!

The South Point Hotel Casino ~ Seafood Buffet Night!

The South Point Hotel Casino first opened the doors back in 2005.  The South Point was the first modern full size resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip south of McCarran International Airport.  This casino resort was originally marketed as local’s casino on the Las Vegas Strip, which was a departure from the norm, because the casinos on The Strip traditionally only target visitors from out of state.   

When I first visited the South Point Casino shortly after the grand opening, I was amazed at how large this resort appeared to be.  The building was absolutely enormous, even by modern mega-resort standards.  Initially there was a lot of empty space inside the building, because the casino was just gaining a foothold.  As time moved on the interior design plan was completed and now every part of this casino offers plenty for guests to experience. 

“Good word of mouth advertising” is what a local’s casino depends upon and it did not take much time for the good word to get around.  The South Point soon had the reputation of being a friendly comfortable local’s casino, even though it was located on the Las Vegas Strip.  In order to make the regular working class Las Vegas folks feel right at home, the South Point created a relaxed comfortable atmosphere and loaded the casino floor with the style of gaming machines that the locals prefer.  

The events and entertainment venue also supported the down home theme of the South Point Hotel Casino.  Rodeo and PBR events are hosted by this casino every year and this place is like a cowboy hall of fame.  Many great country & western musical acts are booked in the showrooms from week to week, so the down home entertainment venue keeps rolling on.  

The dining venue at Southpoint consists of good old fashioned traditional regional American cuisine.  As one can see, this casino caters to the crowd that has been displaced by casino resorts on The Strip that have progressed in the direction of modern trendy elegance with sky high prices to match. The South Point hosts every kind of American dining venue from hot dog stands to an oyster bar and the buffet facility theme is quite appealing for the “down to earth” crowd too.

I actually was making a living by gambling on horse races in Las Vegas back in 2005 when the South Point opened. The South Point Casino Race Book was originally advertised as being a huge state of the art facility with a comfortable atmosphere and a great player rewards system. Local radio station horse race handicapping show hosts touted South Point Casino Race Book as being the best in Las Vegas, because it was customer friendly for locals. That description was enough to draw me in!

Local Las Vegas horse players always seek a race book that offers good gambling comps value.  By using horse race player point comp systems, I was able to obtain free food and drinks for months on end.  I constantly accumulated free passes to shows and free merchandise of every kind, just by playing the horses everyday at the local race books no matter whether I won or lost. Joining the player rewards system is the best way to gain value when gambling and the points really do add up fast when playing at local’s casinos like the South Point!

 A few years later while attending college in Las Vegas back in 2013, I revisited the South Point Casino after landing in the neighborhood after a wild goose chase that involved looking for a local distillery that I was supposed to take a tour of. The day was not totally lost because the South Point was nearby and it just happened to be seafood night at the buffet!

When I got to the South Point Casino, I was surprised to see that the parking lot was jam packed full.  The reason for the large turnout was the Breeders Cup Horse Race Party was going on at the Casino that day.  Memories of my old horse race gambling days returned and then I noticed that the Indian Rodeo Finals were also going on in the casino events center that afternoon too. This all made for one big lively crowd!  

Since seafood buffet night is such a favorite of the locals and because there was such a big crowd, I figured that getting into the buffet before the dinner hour began would be a good choice and playing some video poker could wait till later. The strategy worked and there was plenty of room to to free range graze on a vast mouthwatering seafood buffet!

Seafood night buffets are very popular with the locals in Las Vegas, because this dining event presents a good value. It only takes one plate of crab legs to equal the admission price and anything else consumed during the meal will put a customer in the “profit zone!” Seafood night is even better at places like the Garden Buffet in the South Point, because roasted prime rib of beef is also one of the offerings. As a low budget college student, I used to starved for at least one full day, just so I could get the most bang for the buck when going to a seafood buffet and then chow down like a hungry killer whale! When the empty crab and shrimp shells pile up a mile high at the table, then you know that you have accomplished a monumental seafood buffet feeding frenzy!

Seafood Night is traditionally held on Friday nights around the globe, but in Las Vegas a seafood buffet night can be any day of the week, depending on the casino. Saturday is the night to shoot for at the Garden Buffet in South Point for the seafood fest the last time I checked, so this may be good to keep in mind when playing on The Strip.

If you wonder where the locals play and dine on the Las Vegas Strip while visiting this city, then you really do not have to look much further than the South Point Hotel Casino. This destination is one of the few places on The Strip that still offers good old fashioned value for the dollar spent and the seafood buffet night simply cannot be beat!


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