Sunset At Red Rock Canyon!

Sunset At Red Rock Canyon!

There is not much to say about this Las Vegas destination, other than it is one of the greatest places on earth for watching colorful sunsets! Going up to Red Rock Canyon in the mountains next to Las Vegas close to dark is not something most people do, unless they have viewing a good sunset in mind. Thos who do the short trip will be rewarded with brigh glowing colors cast upon cobalt blue skies!

Red Rock Canyon is just a few miles uphill from Las Vegas and this is a popular destination for a beautiful sunset cruise! In fact, a sunset cruise through Red Rock Canyon is kind of a local tradition, especially when the seasons change and the cloud formations look interesting. During times of wildfire smoke or dust storms, Red Rock Canyon is a prime destination for a sunset cruise too, because the color of the bright orange sky will surely be intense.

For those who think that Las Vegas is only all about gambling and nightlife, a cool little sunset cruise awaits just a little ways uphill! For some people, seeing a strikingly beautiful sunset is far better than hitting a jackpot on a slot machine. For those blazing western sunset lovers, the photos in this article will surely create some inspiration to do this little trip to the canyon in the evening while carrying a basket of cheese and wine. Just like they say, the best entertainment in the world is free of charge and a beautiful sunset certainly fits the bill of fare!


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