MGM Grand ~ L’ Atelier & Prime Rib Night!

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MGM Grand ~ L’ Atelier & Prime Rib Night!

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is world famous for a number of reasons.  This casino resort has the second highest room capacity in the world and it is at the top of the total occupancy list in America.  The sheer numbers involved with operating this modern mega resort do command respect from anybody in the hospitality industry.  The MGM Grand hosts many world championship boxing matches and sporting events, so this resort always is in the news.  Top musical acts perform here on a regular basis too. Conventioneers like the fact that the MGM Grand staff is capable of handling a banquet for thousands of guests with ease.  The nightclubs in the MGM Grand are also at the top of the charts and the dining options are second to none. Cultured gourmands relish the thought of dining at MGM Grand because so many top chefs operate restaurants on site. 

MGM Grand has earned high credentials with travelers worldwide because of this company’s commitment to the green sustainability.  When it comes to environmental responsibility, MGM Grand is never described as being complacent or negligent.  Millions of dollars have been spent on constantly upgrading the MGM Grand resort facility to reduce its environment footprint.  As far as it goes, MGM Resorts international operates every property as if it is a model of sustainability that others should follow.      

I have visited the MGM Grand many times in the past, both as a visitor from Chicago and as a Las Vegas resident.  I have never booked a room at this resort, but I have heard that the accommodations are quite posh. Since I was a chef for many years, it was the dining options in this resort that kept me coming back to experience more.  

 While working in Chicago for two years, the company sent me to Las Vegas to attend and photograph a job related convention. It was nice to be back home in Las Vegas and my birthday just happened to fall into the same calendar week, so I decided to use the expense account to get a decent birthday dinner. L’Atelier at MGM was the choice and this dining destination takes the cake for being one of the greatest casual French fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas!  

As every gourmand knows, Joel Robuchon is renowned for being the chef of the century and L’Atelier is one of his restaurants.  The cuisine that he and his team designs at each of his restaurants worldwide sets high standards for all others to follow. At the time that I dined at L’Atelier, tapas size portions of fine French food and gourmet signature cocktails were en vogue. Sticking with this theme, I tried a signature cocktail and the Foie Gras Stuffed Quail with Black Truffle Crème Potato. This fine entrée definitely was a decadent birthday dinner at L’Atelier!

About one year after the birthday dinner event at L’Atelier, I moved back home to Las Vegas to attend college. After moving back, friends from Chicago started calling to ask about the best places to go in Las Vegas when they were in town. One such friend was in town and he needed to know where to go to do a good prime rib buffet for a family event in honor of his son’s birthday. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the question had me stumped, because most of the good prime rib buffet dining options around town only took place on Saturday nights, so I told my friend that I would call back in an hour after checking into it.

All it took was one phone call to a local bartender friend that had lived in Las Vegas his entire life to get the answer for the prime rib buffet question. All he said was “Try The Strip!” Oddly enough, I used an educated guess to check on the MGM Grand and sure enough, this resort actually offered a Wednesday night prime rib buffet. Not only was this venue good enough to save my Chicago friend’s day, the featured prime rib at the MGM Grand Buffet was Herb Crusted and it was also advertised as being USDA Prime Grade Beef, which is the best that money can buy!

The guests from Chicago and I were thoroughly pleased with the MGM Grand Buffet atmosphere and food quality gave them something to rave about! The family from Chicago ate plate after plate of the herb crusted prime rib and gourmet desserts, till they could eat no more. I pretty much did the same, because I was invited to the son’s birthday dinner in thanks for finding a good prime rib buffet and the guests covered the tab. A free meal for a starving college student is always a good thing and it is even better when the free meal is an all you can eat prime rib buffet!

The MGM Grand certainly is a nice choice for special dining occasions! The Prime Rib Buffet Night is awesome and Joel Robuchon’s restaurants offer some of the best Michelin rated fine dining French cuisine available in this town. The MGM Grand is a modern mega resort that offers an all encompassing vacation experience that is world famous, so this resort really needs no recommendation, other than if you happen to be hungry for some good prime rib on a Wednesday night, this is the place to go!


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