Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada

A place with sunny skies and warm fresh air is what travelers want to experience when springtime rolls around.  One place that is guaranteed to have comfortable weather every spring happens to be Laughlin, Nevada!  Laughlin is located on the Colorado River about 100 miles south of Las Vegas.  The river basin in this area is about 550 feet above sea level in the Desert Southwest sunbelt, so the temperatures in Laughlin can be quite warm and comfortable during the winter and early spring months.

Fun in the sun is what Laughlin is all about!  For outdoor enthusiasts, the Colorado River is the main attraction.  The Davis Dam is located in the northern end of Laughlin, so the river flows at a leisurely pace from the floodgates downstream.  There are designated swimming beaches along the river where visitors can safely splash and play all day too.

Boat traffic south of the Davis Dam is mostly jet skiers, bass boats and water taxis.  A water taxi? … Many folks in the desert have never heard of such a thing, but the Colorado River actually is a main travel thoroughfare in Laughlin.  Hopping from casino to casino or saloon to saloon in a water taxi is par for the course in this riverside resort community!

North of Davis Dam is a large reservoir called Lake Mojave.  This is where the most of the recreational boaters go.  There are plenty of coves for mooring houseboats along the shoreline and the desert mountain backdrop scenery is as picturesque as can be.  Lake Mojave also is famous for good sport fishing, especially for Striped Bass and there are plenty of boat rentals in the area.

The Colorado River Heritage Greenway Park and Trails is located next to Davis Dam and an entire day could be spent exploring this trail system. This area is well maintained, there are facilities and there are plenty of shaded picnic areas.  Taking a casual stroll along the green grassy shoreline is nice during the spring season!  

For those who seek a little more adventure, there are plenty of strenuous long marked trails in the Pyramid Canyon Day Use Area, which is also located next to Davis Dam.  The Pot A Gold Stables are located in Pyramid Canyon next to the Colorado River Heritage Greenway Park.  Pot A Gold offers scenic horseback trail riding and they do carriage rides for families or wedding events.                           

Many people think of Laughlin as only being a senior citizen friendly casino town that reflects upon the charming good old days of Las Vegas.  It is this old fashioned Nevada hospitality that keeps so many people coming back to Laughlin year after year.  The pace is a little easier going than in modern Las Vegas, there are no long waiting lines and there is plenty of elbow room anywhere you go.  The old fashioned comfortable food is easy to recognize and the almighty dollar goes a long way. For retirees in the Southwest, Laughlin certainly is a hot vacation spot that presents good value!

Some familiar Las Vegas casino resort brand names and relics of the past can be found in Laughlin.  This city happens to be a place where the good old western theme casinos still thrive and riverboat casino themes are not out of place.  Every casino resort on the Laughlin Strip offers great views of the Colorado River.  There is nothing like sipping on a drink in a lounge that overlooks the river after spending months in the desert spitting out nothing but dust!  

There are plenty of good dining options in Laughlin and many of the best dining bargains can be found in the casinos, especially after signing up for a player rewards card.  Some people, like myself, just cannot get enough of the old traditional western style diner experience.  On a recent visit to the Pioneer Hotel Casino, I gave Bumbleberry Flats a try.  Bumbleberry Flats is diner that is famous for good old fashioned comfort food and great signature cocktails.  I ordered a classic BBQ Western Burger and it really hit the spot! Fans of the almighty burger will also be happy to know that an old fashioned Fatburger stand can be found along the riverfront too.

In this modern age of sky high priced resort destinations, the cost of a vacation in Laughlin sure does look appealing! Spring is a good time to have fun in the sun in Laughlin, before the extreme heat of the Desert Southwest summer comes around.  There is plenty to do and plenty of ways to relax in this Colorado River town and the entertainment is top notch too. No matter whether you are looking to escape from Las Vegas for the weekend or you are seeking a vacation spot that presents value, Laughlin is well worth checking out!


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