Valle, Arizona

Valle, Arizona

When traveling on State Road 64 from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon National Park, one must inevitably pass through Valle along the way.  The community of Valle has a population of less than 200 people and the few homes that can be seen are scattered over vast tract of land that was originally a 1960s planned development.  Because of the lack of water resources in this region and a few other reasons, the growth of Valle never really took off. Even so, the local businesses thrive upon the tourist trade and there is no end to the traffic on this travel corridor.  When considering the high volume of people that visit the Grand Canyon, the local tourist trade is pretty strong in Valle on any given day.  It is easy to assume that Valle is basically just another tourist trap community along the way to the National Park and this would be correct. 

Some folks dread the inevitable tourist traps that lie in wait along the way to a primary destination and they avoid these places like the plague.  Cursing the old tourist traps as being nothing more than a rip-off and hugging the middle of the road is not what life is really all about!  When traveling on vacation, one must simply be adventurous and go for the gusto along the way, in order to make the most out of the trip.  This is where the tourist traps fit into the picture, especially if the car is loaded with kids.  Tourist trap towns offer a chance to take an entertaining break from the road and much more!  For this reason, Valle is a tourist trap town that is definitely worth slowing down to check out!

The town of Valle offers alternative Grand lodging and it is the last chance to get some cheap fuel before going through the National Park entrance gates.  There are also a couple of restaurants in Valle and there is a convenience store that stocks last minute supplies for the journey.  As fans of tourist trap towns already know, it is the intangibles that really count when deciding to step on the brakes and Valle certainly has plenty to offer in this realm!  There are several native trading posts, rock & gem shops and several desert metal sculpture art studios to choose from.  Valle even has a Planes Of Fame Museum next to the local airfield.  Best of all, Valle is the home of Bedrock City and this will please fans of the old Flintstones Cartoon to no end!

The town of Valle is a good place to duck out of the Grand Canyon traffic rat race, which can be dicy at times. Taking the time to smell the roses it what being on vacation is all about. Poking around in a good old fashioned western trading post and looking at odd desert artworks are pastimes for those who are not in a hurry. Checking out the local museums always provides insight into the region too. For these reasons, Valle is a nice place to stretch the legs on the way to the Grand Canyon National Park!


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