The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship

The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship

The Orleans Casino Resort Arena was the original home of the Vegas Sin LFL team back in 2012.  The ticket prices were nice and every seat in the arena was filled for the first few games. The LFL venture at the Orleans successfully gave this new sports venue a running start and the Las Vegas Sin certainly built up a loyal local fan base.

The Lingerie Football League was an all female sports league done Las Vegas style. The sexy team uniforms definitely were the key to success with the television viewing audience, especially as far as the male demographic sector was concerned. Every big city in the America had an LFL team and guys cheered the local players on just as if the team was in the big leagues. The Lingerie Football League built up a sizable following, but this novel new action sports idea was short lived.

The Vegas Sin no longer play ball at the Orleans Casino Arena and the LFL League has since dissolved. The Lingerie Football League project began during the peak of the Great Recession, so the timing was perfect for attracting people that needed something bright, shiny and new to cheer for on television. Good looking athletic women playing full contact football while only wearing lingerie uniforms was exactly what the doctor ordered back in those hard economic times! On a local level, Las Vegas suffered the worst economic collapse in the country back then, so the Vegas Sin were a glimmer of hope and a very entertaining one at that!

Many of the loyal Vegas Sin fans like to reflect upon the old LFL photos from back in the day, so this is why the material has been archived in this website.  The slide show contains photos from three games at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, which include the Vegas Sin vs L.A. Temptation, Sin vs Green Bay Chill and the LFL Championship Game. During troubled economic times or anytime that a little lift is needed, the memories of the old Lingerie Football League can certainly put a smile on the face, especially if you partied at the games in person with a front row seat!  


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