Crystals Mall At City Center ~ Las Vegas 2009-’12

Crystals Mall At City Center ~ Las Vegas 2009-’12

City Center is a modern mega resort complex that is located on the Las Vegas Strip.  This resort complex cost over $8.5 Billion to build.  The Aria, Mandarin Oriental, Vdara and Cosmopolitan luxury hotels were the first to gain a foothold on this vast property and a condominium building is part of the complex too. Crystals Mall is a showcase shopping corridor between the Aria and Cosmopolitan headliner casino resorts.  The architectural design of City Center has a magnificently complex modern look that is awe inspiring upon first impressions.  City Center truly is like no other place on earth, because this sustainably green mega resort complex was designed with the future in mind!

Crystals Mall is located on the City Center street level right on the Las Vegas Strip.  This mall offers designer fashion shopping, fine art and and signature restaurants that offer gourmet cuisine.  Crystals truly is not an average department store style mall with a junk food court, which is an old mall trend that is slowly fading away. Crystals is trendsetting mall and strolling through this modern shopping facility is quite an interesting sensory experience.

The atmosphere of Crystals Mall makes no pretense about showing off excessive modern sophistication, yet there are enough natural materials featured to accent the open airy space with a warm effect. The wooden “rattan” style seating areas, the giant wood frame cornucopia, the colorful staircase and the islands of seasonal flower gardens break up the airy emptiness that can be overwhelming in modern architectural designs. The technical modular artwork displays on the floor add an entertaining touch that captures the interest of passers by.

Overall, Crystals Mall is so far removed from the ordinary, that sensory overload will surely occur during the first five minutes of a visit. The futuristic lines of continuance in the architectural design dart off in all directions, which results in a slight vertigo effect. Normal reckoning points cannot be found in the perplexing building design, so it taskes a few minutes for the senses to settle down. The effects of light and shadow were masterfully incorporated into the design and this also add to the visual effect. When it finally clicks, all that one can do is stop to look around and take it all in.

Crystals Mall is an interesting shopping experience that is well worth checking out! If you have dreamed of doing some fashion shopping in a futuristic setting instead of at a burnt-out old school mall, then this is the place to go. Even for those who only plan to window shop, this modern mall is an intriguing experience. After hitting a jackpot in the casino, Crystals Mall definitely is the place to shop till you drop!


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