The Annual San Gennaro Feast ~ Las Vegas 2012

The Annual San Gennaro Feast ~ Las Vegas 2012

The San Gennaro Feast is a big food festival that takes place in Las Vegas each year. This annual event is both an Italian food feast and a carnival all wrapped up in one, so it is an exciting festival to attend!

There are literally miles of Italian specialty food stands at the San Gennaro Feast, so fans of this cuisine will certainly be in hog heaven! The aroma of Italian meatballs, pizza, sausage, pasta and seafood that fills the air, pleases the senses to no end. The allure of great Italian American food is what makes this annual event such a success!

The origins of the San Gennaro Feast date back to 1926 in New York City. Local Italian immigrants from Naples set out to establish a holiday event in honor of Saint Januarius Patron Saint of Naples, which was an annual tradition back in the old country. The initial New York City Italian American San Gennaro Festival was a success and this event soon became a tradition. The San Gennaro Feast now takes place in Italian communities across this entire nation and the event in Las Vegas is one that simply should not be missed!

The San Gennaro Feast takes place every September in Las Vegas, but the location varies from year to year. The San Gennaro Feast organizers usually seek a festival site that has plenty of outdoor space and plenty of parking, so casino resorts or mall plazas that are not busy this time of year get the first dib. Back in 2012 when I attended this event, the annual San Gennaro Feast took place on the outdoor event grounds at the Silverton Casino Resort, which is located at the intersection of I-15 and Blue Diamond Road near the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. As can be seen in the photos, there was plenty of room to roam and the casino was only a short distance away.

When visiting Las Vegas during the month of September, the annual San Gennaro Feast is a monumental foodie event that is well worth checking out! Fun times, Limoncello, music and dancing is what one will find in this lively carnival atmosphere. Once a visitor catches a whiff of the sumptuous mouth watering aroma of the great Italian American food, all thoughts of maintaining a weight loss diet plan will have to be tossed out the window! The San Gennaro Feast simply is Italian food heaven in Las Vegas!


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