Woodbury Crags Road Climbing Site ~ Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area

Woodbury Crags Road Climbing Site ~ Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area

Rock climbing is a popular sport out west and there are plenty of sanctioned climbing sites that are perfect for a day trip venture.  In the Desert Southwest, the winter season is the best time of year for doing some serious rock climbing, because the extreme heat of summer and the monsoon rains will not be a factor.  The dry cool crisp winter air will provide a climbing experience that is no sweat!

The Woodberry Crags Road Climbing Site was mentioned in the recent article about the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road Scenic Backway.  Directions for accessing the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road Scenic Backway are provided in this article.  From the starting point at the intersection of Old Highway 91, just follow the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road for about 3 miles and keep your eyes peeled for the BLM sign.  The face of the towering rock outcrop will probably be recognized first from a distance before seeing the sign, because this natural rock formation absolutely looks perfect for climbing! 

The BLM managed Woodbury Crags Road Climbing Site is difficult to find on any maps, but there are several local rock climber websites that provide good information, especially about organized events.  There are a couple of BLM primitive campsites next to the climbing area and there is a large patch of flat ground for RV campers, so doing an overnighter at this destination is an option.

The rock climbing site setting is as majestic as the high desert scenery can possibly be!  The climbing site lies within a high desert mountain valley, so the views are peaceful and serene.  The crystal clear desert air makes items in the distance look much closer than they really are, so this one of a kind setting covers a lot of ground on the true grand scale of things.  

The Woodbury Crags Road Climbing Site is in the vast Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, so do not be surprised to see Desert Mountain Goats doing some rock climbing too.  The towering vertical bluff is filled with crags, spires and caves, so anybody that takes on the challenge will discover something new.  

For the rock climbing enthusiasts who are passing through Las Vegas, Mesquite or St George, the Woodbury Crags Road Climbing Site is a good option for getting out in the great outdoors.  The BLM climbing site rules, safety precautions and choice of gear are all things that a visitor should be familiar with before taking on this venture, so doing a little bit of research will be necessary beforehand.  Once there, the sky is the limit to the fun that can be had!   


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