The Luxor ~ Las Vegas 2013

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The Luxor ~ Las Vegas 2013

There is the Great Pyramid of Egypt and then there is the Great Pyramid of Las Vegas!  Both of these landmarks are architectural marvels, but only one offers all amenities.  People who are fascinated by modern architecture often choose Las Vegas resort as a vacation destination and for good reason.  The Luxor is one of the most complex structures on the Las Vegas Strip and it has certainly has withstood the test of time!

The Luxor opened in 1993 and has been recently renovated to bring the hotel up to current standards.  The construction of the Luxor Hotel was no easy task.  For openers, this resort is the fourth largest hotel in the world.  The guest rooms ascend from the ground to a pyramidal apex that is over 30 stories tall.  The structural design was complex, especially since the pyramid is covered with glass window panes.  When viewing the inside of the Luxor, there are so many structural angles and complex lines of continuation, that the first reaction is literally one of awe!  

The Luxor resort is spacious enough to feel roomy and uncrowded, even when it is at full capacity.  Since the ceiling over the casino and entertainment floor extends to the top of the pyramid, the atmosphere and noise remains at a comfortable level.  The appealing atmosphere in the Luxor is the result of great acoustic design research.

Sustainability is an important modern resort theme.  Green resorts that are environmentally friendly are the current trend in Las Vegas hotel architectural design.  The entire City Center resort complex is the epitome of modern green sustainable architectural design.  All of the MGM properties in Las Vegas have incorporated sustainable resort upgrades during recent renovations.  Ever since the Luxor was modernized, this resort has achieved one of the highest sustainability ratings that there is.  Many modern resort customers gauge the sustainability of a resort when selecting a vacation destination in this modern age, therefore, the environmentally green upgrades that were set in place at the Luxor definitely have extended the marketability of this landmark resort.  

The floor level in the Luxor is the casino and this gaming are covers a few acres of space. The second level is where the live shows and restaurants can be found. On any given day, there can be more than five shows and events to choose from, so there is no such thing as boredom in this resort! The Luxor is also connected to the neighboring casinos with a tramway and this long “people mover” is also a shopping area with more nightclubs and restaurants.

During my visit, I stopped by the T&T Tacos and Tequila, which is located in The Luxor resort on the second floor entertainment level.  T&T is a popular modern Mexican style grill and bar that has a fun atmosphere.  This hot spot is not like a typical antojitos taco stand and it is not like a formal Mexican restaurant.  The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, with a touch of class that is perfect for savoring good Mexican food and sipping on aged tequila. I tried the Pineapple Chipotle Margarita signature cocktail and the #1 Alambre Tacos for an evening snack. The bartender also poured a few tasting samples of the extra aged tequila and they were rich enough to be served as dessert. Overall, the experience at T&T was a spicy fun good time!  

The Luxor has always been a fun oriented exciting casino resort that appeals to movers and shakers. The crowd at the Luxor is active and the action at the gaming tables can get pretty hot. The Luxor has been around for a long time and just like the Great Pyramid Of Egypt, this landmark will be a hot spot for years to come!


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