Mesquite, Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada

Mesquite is about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas on Interstate Highway 15 and this town is only about 40 miles south of St George, Utah.  As one can imagine, plenty of commuter traffic passes through Mesquite between these two metropolitan areas.  Mesquite is a cornerstone in the Arizona, Nevada, Utah tri-state area, so this little spot on the map truly is a gateway to adventure.

Points of interest that are near Mesquite include Snow Canyon State Park, Zion National Park, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Saint George Dinosaur Discovery Site, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Virgin River Recreation Area, Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, Valley Of Fire State Park and the Brigham Young Winter Home.  As one can see, there are a lot of great places to experience near Mesquite, so this town is a good option for setting up a base camp when exploring the scenic destinations in this region.

Mesquite, Nevada, is a nice destination in its own right and this town has an interesting history.  Mormon pioneers settled in this valley back in the late 1800s and called the community Mesquite Flats.  The fertile Virgin River Basin had previously been farmed for thousands of years by the Anasazi and Moapa Paiute civilizations, so the Mormon settlers naturally took up farming in this region too.  Shortly after establishing the town of Mesquite Flat, the Virgin River flooded the area  and destroyed much of the community.  The Mormon settlers then moved the town uphill to its present day location and shortened the name to Mesquite.  Mesquite remained a farming and ranching community till the age of the automobile, then an economic boost came from businesses catering to travelers along this busy route between Las Vegas and St George.  In the 1970’s, the first casino opened in Mesquite and the bulk of the local economic income has come from the gaming and resort industry ever since.  

In recent years, Mesquite has been promoted as a premier retirement community.  In fact, Mesquite has been one of the fastest growing communities in the nation for several years.  In keeping with the retirement community theme, more emphasis was placed upon keeping Mesquite peaceful and quiet, rather than bawdy and wild like Las Vegas.  

Community pride runs thick in Mesquite and the citizens contribute to local communal projects that remain true to this town’s agricultural heritage.  The Mesquite Heritage Garden is a communal plot of land where citizens can grow crops during the winter and spring seasons.  The Mesquite Heritage Garden is truly a sight to see, so it is well worth checking out when visiting this city.          

Mesquite is a casino resort destination that attracts guests from Southern Nevada and Southeast Utah.  The casino resort experience in Mesquite is like stepping back into the golden years of Las Vegas from a few decades ago, when the customer was number one. Many good accommodation bargains can be found in Mesquite and senior citizen discounts are offered just about everywhere in this town.  

Not everybody is drawn to the high prices and fast pace of modern Las Vegas.  After paying resort fees, high sales taxes, parking fees and grossly inflated prices in primary tourism areas, the vacation funds dwindle by a fairly high percentage even before a guest can finally get to the casino floor.  The slot machines are nearly a straight drain in some Las Vegas casinos and the house advantage at table games has increased to the point of being a deterrence to those who just gamble for fun.  The tradition of free drinks for guests is being phased out too.  Las Vegas sure is not the customer friendly entertainment bargain that it once was because of modern corporate management and this has caused many people to seek other casino resort destinations that offer more bang for the buck, like Mesquite, Nevada.    

Those who seek the comfortable pace, complimentary amenities and bargain prices that Vegas was once famous for back in the golden years, will find what they are looking for in Mesquite.  This alternative gambling and entertainment destination has retained the high ideals of old fashioned western hospitality with low prices to match.  The parking is still free, there are no high resort fees and the local taxes are substantially lower.  What this means to visitors is the vacation dollar will go much farther when booking a stay at Mesquite.  More dollars in the pocket results in bigger smiles and better word of mouth when the average guest gets back home.

I have booked overnight stays in Mesquite a few times while traveling to jobs in Utah ski resorts and Wyoming hunting lodge resorts.  The Mesquite casino resort experience is like when I first moved to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago.  All I can say is be sure to sign up for a player rewards card at whichever casino you choose in Mesquite, because this card is the ticket for discounted prices on rooms, dining and entertainment.

Three famous promotional dining favorites that have disappeared in modern corporate Las Vegas can still be found in the customer friendly Mesquite casino resorts.  Prime Rib Buffets are easy to find in Mesquite and the food quality is top rate.  The old fashioned Steak & Eggs Breakfast special still goes for a very low price and better still, the 16 ounce Ham Steak & Eggs Breakfast Special that Las Vegas was once famous for, can be found in nearly every resort in Mesquite.  As one can see in the photos above, I have done the Big Ham Steak Breakfast a few times while traveling through Mesquite to scenic destinations in this region.  The big Ham Steak Breakfast Special definitely is the best choice for those who plan a long active day in the great outdoors, because the belly will be so full, that hunger will not return till dinner time late in the day! 

Speaking of the great outdoors, Mesquite is famous for being a 4×4 ATV and Jeep haven. On any given day, the casino resort parking lots in Mesquite look like ATV and Jeep dealerships, because so many off-highway riders call this place their second home. There are more dirt road trails that branch out from Mesquite than just about anywhere else in the west. A off highway vehicle enthusiast can easily rack up over 1,000 miles of dirt trail driving in the Mesquite region without seeing the same scenic view twice!

Mesquite, Nevada is a real bargain of a vacation destination in this modern age.  The pace of this town is easy going and the casino resorts offer good old fashioned western hospitality.  There are many great places nearby to explore in the great outdoors and this beautiful desert region is a photographer’s paradise.  These are all the reasons that one needs to put Mesquite high on the Southwestern travel destination bucket list!                 


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