Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas! ~ 2009-’15

Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas! ~ 2009-’15

Spring is the season for fashion shopping, especially in Las Vegas!  The casino resort pool party season goes full swing during spring break and shoppers seek beach party fashions that are en vogue. Stylish casual spring clothing is always in demand here in Las Vegas, because the winter temperatures are about the same as they are during springtime in northern regions elsewhere in the country.  Dawning the latest fashionable sandals, sunglasses and bright color spring casual wear will result in being the center of attention on the Vegas Strip!

Every casino resort on The Strip offers unique high fashion clothing boutiques and trendy casual wear shops.  Many of the resorts also host their own great shopping plaza or mall.  For the most part, the fashion shops at the resorts tend to cater to high rollers or the rich and famous.  As one can imagine, the prices reflect upon this level of quality. By traveling a little ways down the Las Vegas Strip, the same kind of merchandise can be found in a cutting edge mall atmosphere and usually for a nicer price. This is where the Fashion Show Mall has the edge on catering to those who like to shop till they drop!  

 The Fashion Show Mall offers the best of fashion worlds.  There are plenty of designer fashion boutiques in this famous mall and there are several famous department stores that always carry the latest trendy clothing lines.  Prestigious clothier department stores like Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Forever 21, Nordstrom and Dillard’s can all be found in the Fashion Show Mall. 

The distances seem shorter than they really are in the clear desert air and when shopping is involved, the walking distances can seem even greater. Grabbing a bite to eat after lugging the shopping bags for miles on the hectic Las Vegas Strip always seems to be a required part of the routine.  Fashion Show Mall offers a nice dining venue of trendy restaurants and snack shops that offer familiar food. Some of the restaurants even have veranda seating overlooking The Strip! Stripburger is one such place and the gourmet burgers and Kobe Beef Hot Dogs are top notch!

Decadence is what Fashion Show Mall is all about and this even applies to the snack food that is served there! As far as seasonal fashion shopping goes, there is no better place to be in Las Vegas. This mall is located in the center of a group of posh resort properties on The Strip, so for a tourist, this is where the action is at! The modernistic Fashion Show Mall is definitely worth checking out while in town!


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