Fort McDowell Casino ~ Arizona

Fort McDowell Casino ~ Arizona

On a day off a while back I headed for the Superstition Mountains just east of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The Superstition Mountains are a legendary place and volumes of old west lore have been told about this region through the years.  Nestled near the scenic mountain range is the Superstition Mountain Museum, the remnants of the old Apacheland Hollywood Film Set and historic Goldfield Ghost Town.  Needless to say, an entire day can be spent checking out everything there is to see and do in this neck of the woods!

After touring the Superstition Mountains attractions, there are more destinations nearby that can be visited before sunset. The Fort McDowell Casino is located along the travel route that runs toward highways on the north end of Phoenix, so this is a nice spot to kick it back before heading on home.

 Some people have been to casinos in Las Vegas, but they have never been to a casino anywhere else. In the Southwest, tribal casinos flourish in the Native Sovereign Nations, yet many mainstream gamblers have never checked these places out. The first thing that people tend to ask about tribal casinos kind of goes like, “I have never been to a Native American Casino.  Whats it like?  I mean, is it like Vegas?”  All I can say is that one simply must check these casinos out for themselves, in order to grasp what they are like. Some are like small gaming taverns while others are luxury resorts that compare to the best in Las Vegas. Each tribal casino has its own character and as far as the entertainment value is concerned, visiting these places can be fun! 

The Fort McDowell Casino is a nice place to experience some cultural exchange and there are historical exhibits on the grounds.  This casino offers live entertainment, special events and there is a huge bingo hall. The slot play is upbeat and there are plenty of new machines.  The Fort McDowell Casino is a local’s style casino that offers a comfortable atmosphere and good food!  

While fiddling around with a poker machine I actually won a little jackpot and celebrated by getting a Las Vegas Sushi Roll, before hitting the road home! The extra cash offset the expenses for the day, so the visit to this casino was worthwhile. For those who feel lucky, the Fort McDowell Casino is located at 10424 North Fort McDowell Rd in Fort McDowell, Arizona.  This location is fairly close to Apache Junction, in case you want to do the grand tour!  


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