Nothing is a modern Arizona ghost town that is kind of way out in the middle of nowhere.  The location of Nothing was part of the reason why this concept village failed to remain on the map. Nothing is located along U.S. Highway 93 in the northern end of the Sonoran Desert between Wickenburg and Kingman. Anybody that has driven this long stretch of road can attest to how desolate this region is.  

Those who do the drive between Phoenix and Las Vegas for business, probably have passed by Nothing over a hundred times without doing much more than watching the sun faded sign disappear in the rearview mirror.  Tourists that travel this long stretch of road usually pass by without even noticing that Nothing is there. The truth is that Nothing used to be just a tiny blip on the map and there really is nothing much of anything left to see or do in Nothing.  In recent years, the only remnants leftover from the heyday of Nothing is just a couple of old signs, a radio tower, a vacant building and a pile of torn up concrete.  

Nothing began as an eccentric concept community in the mid 1970’s.  The beliefs, dreams and work ethics of the residents of the original town never really took shape, so nothing became the running theme.  Idealistically, Nothing was a dream of a self sufficient little community that never really took full shape because of economic setbacks. It is as if Nothing was doomed to be a little ghost town from the start.

This all may seem weird and farfetched, but this is how many post 1960 era desert bohemian communities were back in those days.  People that wanted nothing to do with the big city rat race found the space in the vast desert to make their dreams turn into reality, even if the dream was building a little town called Nothing.

Nothing is now officially a ghost town.  An attempt was made to revive Nothing about a decade ago, but the plan never panned out.  Now Nothing is just an interesting place to stretch the legs and take a few pictures when doing the long commute between the big cities.  Nothing is now nothing more than a curious roadside attraction that most folks know nothing about!  

Those who know that Nothing is there do intentionally integrate Nothing into their travel plans just to get an opportunity to masterfully exercise the numerous ways that the name of this ghost town can be used in a sentence when chatting with fellow passengers.  When talking about Nothing, there are all sorts of possibilities that will drive listeners to the brink of nothingness. Trying to seriously talk about Nothing nearly always gets some laughs and I will leave it at that!

It does not matter if a person is traveling alone or there is a family van full of kids.  When the big sign for Nothing is seen after rounding the bend, people naturally start using the word Nothing to describe just about everything in sight.  “What is there to see and do in Nothing? … Nothing!” That is reason enough to put Nothing high on the lifetime travel bucket list or to at least keep an eye out for the old sign when passing through!  


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I worked as a chef in remote resorts and National Parks, which provided the time to explore western travel destinations. I have a BA Degree in Culinary Management with high honors and currently I am working on a Masters Degree in Adult Education. My food and travel blog writing began as a means to generate income during college and now photo journalism has become my lifestyle.

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