Do Not Believe The WordPress Offers!

Unfortunately the WordPress business website hosting plan that I purchased turned out to be blatant fraud. The business website plan is supposed to include unlimited data storage. WordPress now claims that 500gb is the limit for business website plans, but they still market the premium web hosting plans as having unlimited data storage. This is a deceptive marketing tactic that amounts to bait and switch. I fell victim to the WordPress deceptive marketing scheme and I am taking legal action. Complaints have already been filed with the FEC and T.I.N.A. An attorney is involved with this case too.

Unlimited data storage is not 500gb, as everybody knows. The Wild West Destinations website has reached the “unlimited data storage” limit and now the only solution that WordPress offers is to delete content in my website, so I can make room to publish more articles. As can be imagined, this is not a viable solution, because it ignores the access to unlimited data storage claim as stipulated in the contract terms. Because of misrepresentation leading to breach of contract, WordPress will now have its day in court and I will certainly win my case. Basically I have wasted 5 months working to get this website established and filing suit against WordPress to recover losses is part of my legal plan.

Because of the outright fraudulent unlimited data claim by WordPress, there is no more room for new travel articles, so I will be moving the contents of this website to a more honest user friendly web hosting service. The Wild West Destinations website will soon be closed and all content will be removed within the next two weeks. All articles will be transferred to my new travel website, which is called the “Destination Wild West” domain website. The web address is

I do thank you all for visiting this website and I hope that you check out where all the content is being transferred to. In the mean time, be sure to spread the word around. WordPress uses deceptive marketing practices to lure victims in and their policies are not user friendly.